Increase in DA from January 2016 for Tamilnadu State Govt Employees

DA To Board Level/Below Board Level Posts of CPSEs With Revised Pay Scales From 01.01.1997

6% DA Hike for TN State Government Employees from January 2016

Tamilnadu Government has increased the DA by 6% for State Government employees

dearness allowance from January 2016 increased for Tamilnadu State Government Employees



G.O.No.117, Dated 20.04.2016



ALLOWANCES  –  Dearness  Allowance  –  Enhanced  Rate  of Dearness Allowance from 1st January 2016 – Orders – Issued.

READ – the following papers:

  1. G.O.Ms.No.262, Finance  (Allowances)   Department, dated 16th  October 2015.
  2. From the Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, New Delhi, Office Memorandum No.1/1/2016-E-II (B),  dated, 7th April 2016.


In   the   Government   Order   first  read   above,   orders   were   issued sanctioning   revised   rate   of  Dearness   Allowance   to   State   Government employees as detailed below:-

Date from which payable Rate of Dearness Allowance (per month)
1st July 2015 119 per cent of Pay plus Grade Pay
  1.  The Government of India in its Office Memorandum second read above has now enhanced  the Dearness  Allowance  to its employees  from 119%  to 125% with effect from 1st  January, 2016.
  1.  Following  the   orders   issued   by   the   Government   of   India,   the Government sanction the revised rate of Dearness Allowance to the State Government employees as indicated below:-
Date from which payable Rate of Dearness Allowance (per month)
1st  January,2016 125 per cent of Pay plus Grade Pay
  1. The Government   also  direct  that  the  above   increase   in  Dearness Allowance shall be paid in cash with effect from 01.01.2016.

5. The  arrears   of   Dearness   Allowance   for   the   months   of   January, February  and  March  2016  shall  be  disbursed  in cash.    While  working  out the revised  Dearness  Allowance,  fraction  of a rupee shall be rounded  off to next higher rupee if such fraction is 50 paise and above and shall be ignored if it is less than 50 paise.

  1.  The Government also direct that the revised Dearness Allowance sanctioned above shall  be  admissible  to  full  time  employees  who  are  at present getting Dearness Allowance and paid from contingencies at fixed monthly  rate   The revised  rates of Dearness  Allowance  sanctioned  in this order shall not be admissible to part time employees.
  1.  The revised  Dearness  Allowance  sanctioned  in  this  order  shall  also apply to the teaching and non-teaching staff working in aided educational institutions,   employees  under   local   bodies,  employees  governed   by   the University  Grants  Commission/All  India  Council  for  Technical  Education scales of pay, the Teachers/Physical Education Directors/Librarians in Government   and   Aided   Polytechnics   and   Special   Diploma   Institutions, Village  Assistants  in  Revenue  Department,  Noon  Meal  Organisers,  Child Welfare Organisers, Anganwadi Workers, Cooks, Helpers,    Panchayat Secretaries/Clerks in Village Panchayat under Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department and Sanitary Workers drawing special time scale of pay
  1. The expenditure shall be debited to the detailed head of account `03. Dearness Allowance’  under the relevant  minor, sub-major  and major heads of account.
  1.  The  Treasury   Officers   /   Pay   and   Accounts   Officers   shall   make payment of the revised Dearness Allowance when bills are presented without waiting  for the authorization  from the Principal  Accountant  General  (A&E), Tamil Nadu, Chennai-18.




Download TN Govt G.O.No.117 dated 20.04.2016.