7th Pay Commission Pension on the basis of Notional Pay – GConnect Calculator

GConnect Calculator for Pre-2016 Pensioners based on Concordance table – 7th Pay Commission Pension – Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners / family pensioners as per decision of Govt on the basis of Notional Pay to be determined on last pay drawn and pay scale of Central Government Pensioners.

Update : 12-07-2019:  Now the GConnect online tool for 7th pay commission pension fixation has been updated to include latest Pension Revision  with effect from 1st January 2016,  Pre-2006 pensioners who retired from the 5th CPC scale of Rs. 6500-10500/- or equivalent pay scale in the earlier Pay Commission periods.

Accordingly, Table 24 and Table 25 of Concordance Table for 7th pay commission pension fixation on the basis of notional pay have been revised.  The online tool has taken in account these changes.

Checkout Office Memorandum No: No. 38/33/12-P&PW (A) dated 4.1.2019 for more details.

For revised Concordance Tables :  24 and 25 checkout this Department of Pension Office Memorandum

This online Tool calculates 7th Pay Commission Pension revision which will be effective from 01.01.2016 in respect of Pre-2016 Pensioners, Pre-2006 Pensioners and Pre-1996 Pensioners.

As you may recall, for the purpose of implementing Option 1 of 7th Pay Commission recommendations viz., for revising the Pension based on number of increments drawn by the pension in the pay at the time of retirement, Govt has introduced Revision of Pension as per Notional Pay in 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix for all Pre-2016 Pensioners.

To determine the notional pay for Pre-2016 Pensioners, Concordance Tables have been issued Govt.

For detailed methodology and the background of the this revision of pension checkout the following link.

Revision of Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners on the basis of Notional Pay (Methodology and background)

How to use GConnect Online Pension Tool for calculating Pension based on Notional Pay?

1. Select the period during which the pensioner concerned had retired/ deceased.

2. Select the Pay Scale / Pay in Pay Band with Grade Pay (Applicable to pensioners retired on after 1st January 2006).  If Pay Scale or Pay in Pay Band with Grade Pay applicable to the pensioner is given more than once in the dropdown, select the appropriate one on the basis of concordance Table Number given agianst eadh pay scale.  The Concordance Table appplicable to a pensioner is the one that contains  the pay scales  (Pre-1996 [4th cpc], Pre 2006 [5th cpc] and Pre-2016 [6th cpc]) in which the pensioner was drawing pay.

3. Then select the Pay of the pensioner at the time of retirement /  Pay Range in which pay of the pensioner at the time of retirement falls.

4. Click ” Calculate Pension / Family Pension ” Button.

Chekout the links below for Concordance Tables issued by Govt for calculating Pension on the basis of notional pay.