The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has considered various proposals for  stepping up of pay of senior promote Inspectors/Similarly placed Officers in the field formations under CBEC with reference to such of their directly recruited juniors appointed on or after 1.1.2006.  Now the CBEC has issued clarification that stepping up of pay of promottee officers  is agreed, subject to the following conditions :

(a)  Stepping up is allowed only in the case of those cadres which have an element of direct recruitment and in cases where a directly recruited junior is actually drawing more basic pay than the seniors.  In such cases, the basic pay of the seniors will be stepped up with reference to the basic pay of the directly recruited junior provided they belong to the same seniority list for all purposes.

(b)   Officers cannot claim stepping up of  revised basic pay with reference to entry pay in the revised pay structure for direct recruits appointed on or after 1.1.2006, if their cadre does not have an element of direct recruitment or in cases where no junior is drawing basic pay higher than them.

(c)  Stepping up of pay is not allowed where pay of direct recruits have been granted advance increments at the time of recruitment.

for complete details, please download the CBEC F.NO. 26017/159/2009-Ad.II(A) dt.05.03.2012

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