Search for any OM now in GConnect Circular Corner

Search for any OM now in GConnect Circular Corner using Top Level Search

It is a fact that though valid Rules for all service matters of Central Government Employees are in place, for all practical purposes those matters are mainly governed by Office Memorandums issued by DOPT and other government Departments from time to time.

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Each Government Department updates Office memorandums issued by it either in its website or through press releases, yet put together keeping track of those would be difficult for one who intends to update knowledge concerning his/her service conditions

So, keeping in mind the importance of these Office Memorandums GConnect launched a repository called “GConnect Circular Corner” in the year 2010.

This utility was initially started as a menu driven page, having links for Office Memorandums grouped in to topic wise such as 6CPC Matters, Children Education Allowance, LTC, Leave, Allowances, Service Rules etc.

Later you might have noticed the Topic wise Search Feature introduced in Circular Corner.  Using Topic wise Search facility, one can easily search for required office Memorandum within that topic.

Click here to Read GConnect article on Topic wise Search feature in the Circular Corner

Based on feedback received we have now added one more feature to Circular Corner in the form of Top Level Search.

With this feature, readers can search for all office Memorandums from the home page of  “GConnect Circular Corner” .

Search can be made by providing any one of the following search parameter in the search box.

  • Key word of the OM (say if you are searching for OM related to Children Education Allowance enter “children” or “education” in the text box given for entering the search key. (OR)
  • Date of the Office Memorandum (  Even if you know only the month and year of the Office Memorandum, enter the same in the format mm.yyyy (ex. if you want to get a OM issued in March 2009, enter the same as 03.2009). (OR)
  • Office Memorandum number either in full or in part.  (If you know the full reference number enter the same.  You can also enter part of the reference number also. ex. If you know only “18016” out of full reference number “18016/3/2010 Estt (L)”, you can enter the same in the search box, for getting the link for the required OM.

For more clarity we have provided here a video tutorial on “How to search in GConnect Circular Corner”

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