New Health Insurance Scheme for CG Employees and Pensioners

We all know Sixth Pay Commission recommended for New Health Insurance Scheme in lieu of present CGHS. Though employees covered under CGHS have apprehensions whether this proposed new scheme would be better than existing CGHS, in respect of employees residing in Non-CGHS area this scheme is definitely a boon.

The present CS Medical Attendance Rules under which employees residing under non-CGHS area are covered has no real intention to provide for proper medical treatment be it In-Patient or Out-Patient treatment as the cost reimbursed under CS Medical Attendance Rules would be a paltry sum compared to the actual cost of medical treatment in non-CGHS areas.

In the case of Pensioners too residing in non-CGHS ares, the fixed medical Allowance of Rs.300 per month provided to them may not be even sufficient to meet out the cost for one visit to a nearby Doctor for cold.

Under these circumstances, Central Government Employees and Pensioners residing in non-CGHS are really in need of good medical treatment at par with their colleagues in CGHS Areas. When New Medical Insurance Scheme was proposed by Government in the year 2008 as per the recommendations of 6CPC, it was believed that it would come as a relief for employees and pensioners in non-CGHS area.

But this scheme is still not a reality as in spite of repeated promises in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha that the scheme would be implemented soon, it it yet to take off.

Click here for previous discussions in Lok Sabha on New Medical Insurance Scheme to Central Government Employees and Pensioners during May 2012

Now, on 28.08.2012, there was another quey regarding implementation of this Scheme for which Health Ministry has replied as follows





Health insurance for CGHS beneficiaries


a) whether it is a fact that in the year 2010, Government mooted a plan to provide health insurance scheme to its serving and retired employees;

(b) if so, the present status of that scheme;

(c) whether it is also a fact that beneficiaries including Members of Parliament are not getting required medicines from dispensaries specially Ayurvedic dispensary of North Avenue and elsewhere; and

(d) if so, by when Government would seriously consider providing health insurance cover to CGHS beneficiaries in order to provide better healthcare?

ANSWERED ON-28.08.2012

(a) & (b): There is a proposal for introduction of a health insurance scheme for central government employees and pensioners on pan-India basis with special focus on pensioners living in non-CGHS areas. As per the directions of the ‘Committee of Secretaries’, a proposal for inclusion of this scheme in the 12th Five Year Plan has been sent for consideration of the Steering Committee of the Planning Commission, before placing the same for approval of the competent authority. 

(c) : No.

(d): No specific time frame can be given for introduction of the proposed health insurance scheme.

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