Superannuation benefits for CPSE Employees

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Superannuation Benefits Schemes for employees of CPSEs – clarification regarding Technical Formality

Department of Public Enterprises OM on Superannuation benefits for CPSE Employees


Government of India

Ministry of Heavey Industries & Public Enterprises

Department of Public Enterprises

Public Enterprises Bhawan

Block No.1, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,

New Delhi, the 1st February, 2017


Subject: Superannuation Benefits Schemes for employees of CPSEs – Clarification regarding Technical Formality

The undersinged is directed to refer to this Department’s OM of even number dated 21.05.2014 regarding clarification of Pension and superannuation Medical Benefits Scheme in CPSEs.

2. Praa xvi) of the said OM specifies that in cases where a Central Public Sector Enerprises (CPSE) employees has applied for a post in the same or other CPSE through proper channel and on selection to the said post, is required to resign the previous post for administrative reasons. Resignation submitted for other reasons or if competent authority has not allowed him to forward his application thrugh proper channel is a resignation and benefit of past service will not be admissible.

4. The above clarification is only for the purposes of Superannuation Benefits Schemes implemented in CPSEs in light of DPEs OM dated 26.11.2008 and 21.05.2014 and subsequent DPE guidelines on Superannuation Benefits Schemes.

5. All the administrative Ministires/Departments are requested to bring the above to the notice of the CPSEs under their administrative control.

(Samsul Haque)

Under Secretary

Download Department Public Enterprises OM No.W-02/0017/2014-DPE(WC)-GL-IV/17 dated 01.02.2017