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3rd Pay Revision for CPSE Employees – Superannuation and Medical Benefits

3rd Pay Revision for CPSE Employees – Superannuation Benefits and Medical Benefits

3rd Pay Revision for CPSE Employees – Corpus fund and Club membership details
Superannuation Benefits: The existing provisions regarding superannuation benefits have been retained as per which CPSEs can contribute upto 30% of BP plus DA towards Provident Fund (PF), Gratuity, Post-Superannuation Medical Benefits (PRMB) and Pension of their employees.

12.1 The ceiling of gratuity of the executives and non-unionised supervisors of the CPSEs would be raised from Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs with effect from 01.01.2017 and the funding for the entire amount of Gratuity would be met from within the ceiling of 30% of BP plus DA. Besides, the ceiling of gratuity shall increase by 25% whenever IDA rises by 50%.

12.2 The existing requirement of superannuation and of minimum of 15 years of service in the CPSE has been dispensed with for the pension.

12.3 The existing Post-Retirement Medical Benefits will continue to be linked to requirement of superannuation and minimum of 15 years of continuous service for other than Board level Executives. The Post-Retirement medical benefits shall be allowed to Board level executives (without any linkage to provision of 15 years of service) upon completion of their tenure or upon attaining the age of retirement, whichever is earlier

13.Corpus for medical benefits for retirees of CPSEs: The corpus for post — retirement medical benefits and other emergency needs for the employees of CPSEs who have retired prior to 01.01.2007 would be created by contributing the existing ceiling of 1.5% of PBT. The formulation of suitable scheme in this regard by CPSEs has to be ensured by the administrative Ministries/Departments.

14.Club Membership: The CPSEs will be allowed to provide Board level executives with the Corporate Club membership (upto maximum of two clubs), co-terminus with their tenure.
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