Check of Non-computational items in Pay Bill generated through EIS Module – CGA OM

Check of Non-computational items in Pay Bill generated through EIS Module – CGA OM

Check of Non-computational items in Pay Bill generated through EIS Module – List of Non computational Allowances: CGA, FinMin OM dated 26.03.2024

Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Office of Controller General of Accounts :

Dated: 26th March, 2024


Subject: Check of Non-computational items in Pay Bill generated through EIS Module-reg.

Non-computational pay items in EIS Module are those pay items where DDO user is allowed to capture the amount specific to employee’s entitlement. All the non-computational pay items in EIS Module has been reviewed by PFMS recently in consultation with TA Section of this Office. Now, a validation has been imposed in the last year 2023 on drawl of non-computational pay items by putting a slab-wise rationalised limit of amount for all non-computational pay items.

2. Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CA(i/c) of Ministries/Departments are, therefore, requested to

(a) advise their Internal Audit Wing to check salary vouchers generated through EIS Module pertaining to previous years during Internal Audit with special attention on the amount drawn by the DDOs under 60 non-computational allowance items (annexed herewith) which exceeded the entitled amount prescribed by the relevant orders issued by relevant Ministry/Department.

(b) sensitise PAOs under their control to verify the amount admissible as per the entitlement, to be drawn by DDO in Pay Bill generated through EIS Module under non-computational allowances with reference to relevant orders relating to admissibility.

3. This issues with the approval of CGA

Encl : As above

(Narender Singh)
Asst. Controller General of Accounts (TA)

Pr.CCA/CCAs/CA(ic) of all Ministries/Departments.

Copy for kind information to:

I. Addl. CGA(HR&O)Addl.CGA(A&FR)/Addl. CGA(PFMS)


List of Non computational Allowances in Pay Bill Generated through EIS Module

Sl. No. Allowance name

  1. Cycle Allowance
  2. Interim Relief
  3. Split Duty Allowance
  4. Parliamentary Allowance
  5. Qualification Pay
  6. Annual Allowance
  7. Bad Climate Allowance
  8. Canteen Allowance
  9. Cash Handling Allowance
  10. Charge Allowance
  11. City Compensatory Allowance
  12. Comp. Personal Maintenance Allowance
  13. Contingency Allowance
  14. Conveyance Allowance
  15. Cooking Allowance
  16. Diem Allowance
  17. Extra Duty Allowance
  18. Head Quarter Allowance
  19. Kit Maintenance Allowance
  20. License Fee Allowance(Payable)
  21. Mess Allowance
  22. Miscellaneous Dues
  23. Post Graduate Allowance
  24. Ration money (Non-civil)
  25. Ration Money Allowance
  26. Special Ward Allowance
  27. Education Allowance
  28. Effective Pay (pensioners)
  29. Nursing Allowance
  30. Orderly Allowance
  31. Pers Pay (DA/HRA applicable)
  32. Personal Pay
  33. Personal Pay(DA Applicable)
  34. Personal Pay (Sports Persons)
  35. Planning Allowance
  36. PM Police Medal for life saving
  37. Police Medal Gallantry Allowance
  38. President Police Medal for GA
  39. Special Compensation Remote Locality
  40. Special Compensatory Allowance
  41. Tough Location Allowance
  42. Uniform Allowance
  43. Washing Allowance
  44. Deputation Allowance
  45. Sumptuary Allowance
  46. Dress Allowance
  47. Special Allowance
  48. Special Duty Allowance
  49. Special Pay
  50. Training Allowance
  51. HRA Hardship
  52. Risk and Hardship Allowance
  53. Addl Foreign Allowance
  54. Add! House Rent Allowance
  55. Hard Area Allowance
  56. Island Special Duty Allowance
  57. Monthly Holiday Compensatory Allowance
  58. Night Duty Allowance
  59. Special Security Allowance
  60. Foreign Allowance


Source: CGA

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