How to file ITR-1 Online ? – Income Tax 2017-18 (A.Year 2018-19) – Easy steps to file ITR-1 Online

How to file ITR-1 Online ? – Income Tax 2017-18 (A.Year 2018-19) – Easy Steps to file Income Tax Return online for Salaried Class Employees

All the salaried employees would have received their Form-16 for the Salary Paid and Income Tax deducted by the Employer by this time  using which Income Tax Return can be filed online easily.  Moreover, income tax department has fixed a late fee of up to  Rs. 10000/- for non filing of income tax returns for the Assessment year 2018-19 within  due date viz., 31st July 2018 .

Checkout this Income tax Department’s Communication for more details

On the positive side, filing of Income Tax return especially by Salaried Class having no business income and own one house property, who need to use ITR-1 is very much easier, thanks to online entry facility and automatic population of income and tax paid details declared by the employer in the ITR-1 to be filed  by the Employee.

This tutorial covers ITR-1 which is meant for declaring income from salary and income or loss from one house property owned by the employee.

Who should file Income Tax Return ? Whether online filing of ITR is compulsory ?


As per the prevailing instructions under Income Tax Act, persons who has gross income more than Rs. 2.5 lakh during the financial year 2017-18 will have to file Income Tax return. In respect of Senior Citizens income limit for filing ITR is Rs. 3 lakh.

An Income Tax Assessee whose Total Income (Taxable Income) exceeds Rs. 5 lakh during the financial year 2017-18, will have to file online IT return only.

What are the methods of filing online ITR?

As far as E-Filing of Income Tax Returns is concerned, there are two methods.

1. Easy E-filing by entering the data directly on the Income Tax E-filing website . This is the most user friendly method. As of now, ITR-1 and ITR-4S can be filed in this method

2. E-filing of ITR using excel utility – In this method, users will have to enter values off-line in the Excel File utility downloaded from Income Tax website and then upload the XML file generated by the utility to the ITR E-filing domain. This method is relatively a complex one. However, Tax Payers who will have to file ITR other than ITR-1 and ITR-4S will have to file returns in this method only.

Steps to file Income Tax return online by making entry in the interface for ITR-1

1. Go to this Income Tax Department’s Official online ITR filing Website. Register using your PAN and get user name and password, if you have not already registered.

Here are the steps to register for filing online ITR

2. After successful registration, Click the “Login here” button .

how to file ITR-1 income tax return3. Once you have successfully logged in you will land in to following page

ITR-1 online income tax filing4. Select the ITR type as ITR-1,  relevant year as 2018-19 (Assessment Year) and submission mode as Prepare and submit online .  From this year additional facility of displaying only necessary fields and schedules in entry page has been given. This will avoid unnecessary cluttering  in the interface.  Use the following options given to display required fields.

ITR-1 online - Selecting only required Fields

Also select type of authentication using EVC (Aadhaar authentication) you are going to make.  If you intend to upload ITR within 30 minutes choose option 1 .  Alternatively if you have already generated EVC or intend generate EVC which will be valid for 72 hours choose option 2. Then click continue.

online ITR-1 - EVC SelectionThe first tab will be containing the instructions for filling the data

Instructions for filing ITR-1 online

5. As you are in logged in session, it is better to save the data entered after each tab is completed. However, Submit Button has to be used only after entry of all the data. The following Screenshot is Personal Information entry tab. Once entry is completed save the data as draft and proceed to next tab.

How to file ITR-1 Online ? - Income Tax 2017-18 (A.Year 2018-19) - Easy steps to file ITR-1 Online

6. The following screenshot shows that Gross income and Advance Tax Paid as per Form 16 / Form 26AS generated by the Employer have been automatically populated in the Income, Tax payable and TDS  of Tab of ITR-1.  However, the Income Tax deductions such as Savings under Section 80C, Chapter VIA etc will have to be entered relevant fields.

how to file ITR-1 online - Income and Tax Details

How to file ITR-1 Online ? - Income Tax 2017-18 (A.Year 2018-19) - Easy steps to file ITR-1 Online

TDS details can also be verified through Form-26AS which is an online feature available in Income Tax Website to get the details of the Income Tax Paid in respect of a PAN.  Now online filing of ITR-1 is almost over.  Check the Taxes paid and Verification Tab for whether advance tax paid, TDS and Self Assessment Income Tax paid by the individual have been taken in to account and offset against Income Tax Payable.  If Taxes paid already is more than the Tax payable Refund column would be automatically filled up the system.


How to file ITR-1 Online ? - Income Tax 2017-18 (A.Year 2018-19) - Easy steps to file ITR-1 Online

After entry of data in all these tabs are completed, click Submit button to generate ITR-V Button. ITR-V is a document which contains the summary of your income, deductions and income tax paid. This document has to be signed and sent to the Income Tax Central Processing Center at Bangalore. Address of this center will be available in the mail sent to you attaching filled up ITR-V form. Please note that Online E-filing will get completed only after receipt of this ITR-V at Central Processing Center at Bangalore.

Alternatively, the tax payer can also e-verify the return filed using his / her Aadhaar ID.  In that case there is no need to send the physical copy of ITR-5 to Income Tax Central Processing Center

How to verify ITR using Aadhaar online ? Here are the details of various procedures to verify / authenticate ITR filed online 

The following Video Tutorial has been provided by Income Tax Department for Online Income Tax Return filing


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