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Leave for Central Government Employees

Types of Leave entitled to Central Government Employees

Central Government Employees are entitled to various types of Leave which are governed by Central Civil Services Leave Rules, 1972, (CCS Leave Rules, 1972). Based on the requirement and demand of the employees, CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972 is amended during implementation of every Pay Commission and from time to time.

Leave such as Casual Leave, Earned Leave, Half Pay Leave etc are coming under common types of leave which are availed by employees for their regular needs.

Leave such as Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, study leave, Child Care Leave, Commuted Leave, Special Casual Leave etc are meant for specific needs.

Generally maximum limit for most types of leave are calculated on yearly basis. To illustrate, casual leave and Earned Leave are limited to 8 days and 30 days per year respectively.

The objective of leave policy will normally be to create provision for the employees to balance their personal and professional life equally. Following this principle only Government has recently extended child care leave to single Male parent Central Government Employees also at par with women Central Government employees

Here are various kinds of leave applicable to Central Government Employees

  1. Earned Leave
  2. Half Pay Leave
  3. Commuted Leave
  4. Leave not due
  5. Maternity Leave
  6. Paternity Leave
  7. Study Leave
  8. Child Care Leave
  9. Extraordinary Leave
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