Settlement of the following COVID-19 related Items: 48th NC JCM Meeting

Settlement of the following COVID-19 related Items: 48th NC JCM Meeting

Settlement of the following COVID-19 related Items: Free COVID-19 vaccine, Quarantine leave, compassionate appointment etc.

Minutes of the 48th Meeting of the National Council (JCM) held on 26.06.2021 vide DoP&T OM No.3/4/2021-JCA dated 14th July, 2021

5.6. Item No. NC-48 /1/21: Settlement of the following COVID-19 related Items:

(a) Item: To declare the Central Government Employees as frontline workers, and to ensure free COVID- 19 vaccine to all the employees and their family members (MoHFW)

Secretary (Health) stated that guidelines for free vaccination have already been issued, and are effective from 2 1.6.202 1 for all citizens above the age of 18 years & that vaccination facility is available in all Government centres. However, those who have the capacity to pay can avail of this facility from private hospitals. This apart, as stated, letters were also written by the Secretary (Health) to all Ministries / Departments to organize vaccination camps in their respective offices/ field offices.

Secretary, Staff Side, thanked Secretary (Health) for this decision. He stated that during the pandemic, railway employees have been working round the clock, and that 1.56 lakh employees were infected by COVID-19, and 2800 staff have succumbed, while fearlessly performing their duties. Hence, he requested that the railway employees may be declared as Frontline Workers.

Decision: Chairman directed that in view of the detailed information shared by Secretary, D/o H&FW on measures taken by the Government to enhance Covid-19 vaccination coverage, the item be treated as closed.

(b) Item: Employees who are tested COVID- 19 positive may be given quarantine leave till they are medically declared fit. (DoPT)

Secretary (P) stated that O.M. dated 07.06.2021, in this regard, has already been issued , covering all possible situations.

Shri C. Srikumar, member Staff Side, stated the following issues:

(i) The provisions of the DoPT OM dated 07 .06.2021 do not adequately cover the situation where employee himself is ill. Cases of Black Fungus not covered.

(ii) There is a need to revive provision for Quarantine Leave in view of COVID-19 Pandemic.

(iii) Where public transport is not available, Special Casual Leave may be granted until it is restored.

(iv) The OM is not catering to cases where curfew is imposed.

Decision: Chairman asked Secretary (P) to examine the matter and issue another clarification, if required.

(c) Item: Immediate out-of-turn compassionate appointment to the dependents of the employees who died of COVID- 19 infection over and above the 5% ceiling limit. (DoPT)

Secretary (P) stated that data in this regard is being collected from different departments and the matter would be examined thereafter.

Decision : Cabinet Secretary asked Secretary (P) to examine the matter at the earliest.

(d) Item: Staff who could not attend duty due to lockdown or were forced to be in isolation, come in contact with COVID- 19 positive person, should be treated ‘on duty’ on special CL. (DoPT)

Secretary (P) stated that DoPT 0.M. dated 7.6.2021 has provided for such a situation .

Decision: Chairman directed that in view of this clarification, the item to be treated as closed.

(e) Item: Ex-gratia payment/ compensation of Rs.50 lakh to the family of all those employees who died of COVID- 19 infection. (DoE and D/ o P&PW)

Shri R .N. Parashar, Member, Staff Side, stated that an amount of Rs.10 lakh was sanctioned as ex-gratia payment in Department of Posts, however, the proposal was later declined by DoE.

Secretary, Staff Side, also pressed for increasing the amount of ex-gratia payment to Rs.SO lakh per employee.

Decision: Chairman directed that the matter may be examined in D/ o P&PW in consultation with DoE.

(f) Item: Full reimbursement of Medical treatment charges of COVID- 19 infection (MoHFW)

Secretary (Health) stated that the rates for COVID- 19 treatment in private hospitals are prescribed by concerned State Government under the Disaster Management Act, and CGHS has issued instructions in this regard. CGHS rates for treatment for COVID-19 have already been notified vide CGHS OM of 10.07.2020. Where hospital charges are more than CGHS rate, Technical committee in H&FW will look in to such claims. He further stated that powers have also been delegated to the Addl. DG , CGHS to decide cases.

Shri C. Srikumar, Staff Side, stated that the charges for PPE kits/ overalls, nutritious food provided to COVID- 19 patients etc. are not being reimbursed , and requested that the entire amount charged by the Hospital for COVID- 19 treatment may be reimbursed.

Decision: Chairman directed Secretary (Health) to examine the matter in the light of difficulties narrated by the Staff Side.

(g) Item: Provide full wages to all workers who are engaged on daily-rated basis even for the day they could not attend office due to COVID related reasons. ( DoE)

Additional Secretary, DoE stated that vide OMs, dated 20 .5.2020 and 8.6.2021, the contractual, casual and outsourced staff of Ministries/ Departments and other organizations of Central Government, who could not attend office due to lockdown/ other COVID related reasons, have been granted full wages for the period (i) 23. 3.2020 to 31.5.2020 and (ii) 1.4.2021 to 30.6.2021.

Decision: Information noted. Item may be treated as closed.

(h) Item: Declare all CGHS dispensaries/wellness centres, Railway Hospital and Dispensaries, Ordnance Factory Hospitals and Dispensaries etc., as vaccination centres where the Central Government will provide free vaccine. (MoHFW)

Secretary (Health) stated that States and UTs have been asked to utilize the CGHS Centres as Vaccination Centres. Addl. Directors, CGHS, in all the cities have been directed to coordinate with the State Governments in this regard. He informed that as per the COVID- 19 Vaccination 0perational Guidelines, all health facilities meeting the minimum requirements of Hunan Resources (including vaccinator), Infrastructure, Storage of Vaccines and management of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFIs) can be made functional as COVID- 19 Vaccination Centre by the District Authorities. At present, 49 CGHS Wellness Centres located in Delhi and 6 outside Delhi are already being utilized as COVID Vaccination Centres (CVC).

Decision: Information noted. Item may be treated as closed.

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