RELHS 1997 – Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme Features

RELHS 1997 - Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme Features

Retired Railway employees covered under RELHS – 97 will be provided with all medical facilities as for serving employees.

Facilities available

Retired Railway employees covered under RELHS-97 will be provided with all medical facilities as for serving employees. This includes:

  • Medical treatment.
  • Diet.
  • Reimbursement of claims for treatment in Govt. or recognised non railway hospitals.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Medical passes.
  • Home visits.
  • Medical attendance for first two pregnancies of married daughters at concessional rates. Treatment of private servants as applicable to serving railway employees.

RELHS Identity card

  • RELHS Identity card will be issued by the Personnel Branch of concerned Railways.
  • RELHS Identity card can also be issued from the Personnel Department of division from which the retiree is drawing post retirement passes. The way-side station supervisors from where such retirees may be drawing post retirement passes can get such requests for RELHS Cards and arrange to forward the same to Personnel Department of the Division for arranging a RELHS Card. (Ref 8)
  • Identity cards are issued with photographs of all the beneficiaries.
  • In case of married daughters included in the card photos of them to be provided with marking on the card as ” ONLY FOR CONFINEMENT AND TREATMENT DURING ANTE-NATAL AND POST NATAL PERIODS FOR THE FIRST TWO PREGNANCIES AT CONCESSIONAL RATES”.

Availing Medical facilities without the card

  • Retired railway employees/their eligible family members can use attested copies of RELHS identity card when one of the family members moves out of station carrying RELHS card.
  • Attested copy of the medical identity card will be considered a valid document, for availing outdoor medical facilities at Railway Hospitals and Health Units for short duration upto 10 days .
  • However, in case of emergency, indoor treatment will be allowed on basis of attested photocopy of Medical Identity Card in Railway and private recognized hospitals but original medical identity cards will have to be produced within 15 days. (Ref 5)
  • In cases where split card is needed for different members of family for long term duration the original medical card may be deposited with the issuing authority who may issue split medical identity card to the beneficiaries as requested by them. (Ref 5)


  • Mode of Joining All retired Railway employees and spouse of the Railway employee who dies in harness.
  • Employees who have completed 20 years service and fulfil other criteria to make them eligible for post retirement complementary passes only are eligible to become members of Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme.
  • RELHS-97 is mandatory for all retiring Railway employees for retiring employees from 31/05/2012. (Ref 9)
  • Minimum 20 years of qualifying service in the Railways will be necessary for joining the scheme.
  • Condition of minimum of 20 years of qualifying service for joining RELHS-97 is not applicable in the case of medically invalidated employees and the spouses of employees who die in harness.(Ref 13)
  • 50% of the period from the date of ‘Temporary Status’ to the date of ‘regularisation’ in respect of Ex-casual labours will be counted for the purpose of 20 years qualifying service for joining RELHS – 97.(ref 6)
  • Surviving spouses of the deceased retired railway employees who died after superannuation are eligible to join RELHS-97, subject to fulfillment of other relevant conditions.(Ref 7 )
  • RELHS is not open to Railway servants who resign from service.
  • Resignation submitted by the Railway employees on permanent absorption in PSUs is to be taken as “Technical Resignation” and that they should be permitted to join RELHS-97 subject to fulfillment of the conditions prescribed in this regard. (Ref 10)
  • Employees who are dismissed from service are not eligible to join RELHS -97. (Ref 15)
  • Family/Dependents Family members and dependent relatives for who are eligible under Pass Rules are eligible for treatment under RELHS.

Rate of contribution

  • Retiring employees: For joining RELHS ’97, one time contribution equal to the last month’s basic pay will have to be made at the time of retirement.
  • For employees rejoining after retirement – A sum equivalent to double the amount of revised basic pension after the implementation of VI CPC.
  • Family pensioners rejoining – A sum equivalent to double the amount of revised family pension after the implementation of VI CPC.
  • SRPF optees rejoining – A sum twice the amount of ex-gratia monthly payment admissible on the date of joining the scheme.

Admissibility of Fixed Medical Allowance

Pensioners/family pensioners who possess RELHS card & avail OPD facility are NOT entitled for Fixed Medical Allowance (REF 3).

Reopening of RELHS (Ref 9 & 20)

Railway Board has re-opened the RELHS scheme on 31.05.2012 with the following conditions:

  • (a) For Pre-March 2009 retirees – The RELHS-97 will remain open-ended with a lock in period of six months for referral outside the Railway Hospital. This lock-in period can be relaxed only in an emergency provided the patient is either admitted or visits the Railway Hospital and the facilities for the treatment are not available in Railway Hospital. Such referrals are to be processed only on recommendation of a specially constituted Medical Board.
  • (b) For March 2009 and onwards retirees – The RELHS-97 will remain open for a period of another one year from the date of issue of the letter for all those retired Railway personnel who have not joined the scheme for one reason or the other. The lock-in period of six months as applicable for pre-March 2009 retirees shall be applicable for these retirees also.
  • Henceforth joining RELHS-97 has been made mandatory for all retiring Railway personnel without any exit clause whatsoever.
  • Lock-in period to be clearly and prominently mentioned on the card.

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