Haryana State Government Orders for revised Dearness Relief of 72%

Haryana State Government Orders for revised Dearness Relief of 72% with effect from 01.07.2012 to Pensioners and family Pensioners

The net increase in DR is 7%

No. 4/7/99-2FR/10654 

Office Memorandum

Dated, Chandigarh, the 26th October, 2012

1. All Heads of Departments, Commissioner of Divisions, all Deputy Commissioners and Sub Divisional Officers ( Civil) in Haryana.

2. The Registrar, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh.

Subject: – Grant of Dearness Relief to State Government pensioners/Family pensioners on revised rates effective from 01.07.2012.


   I am directed to invite a reference to Finance Department circular letter No. 4/7/99-2FR/290 dated 16-4-2012 on the subject noted above and to say that the Governor of Haryana is pleased to revise the rates of the Dearness Relief to the pensioners/family pensioners of the Government of Haryana, on revised pension/family pension with effect from 1st July, 2012 in the manner as given below: –

Rates of D.R. on revised pension/family pension

Date from which payable 

Rate of Dearness Relief per month
01-07-2012 72% of pension/ Family Pension.

   2. All other conditions for payment of Dearness Relief to Pensioners/Family Pensioners on revised pension/family pension contained in referred instructions No.2/5 1/08-1 Pension dated 17-4-2009.

   3. Copy of these orders is also available on the website which can be downloaded from the site,www.finhry.gov.in.

Yours faithfully,

(Subhash Sihag) 
Under Secretary Finance 
for Principal Secretary to Government Haryana, 
Finance Department.

Download Haryana State Government Order for grant of higher Dearness Relief to Pensioners and Family Pensioners – 72% with effect from 01.07.2012

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