Various Welfare Schemes undertaken by HRD of CBEC

The Directorate General of Human Resource Development (DGHRD) in Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) was formed in the year 2008. The welfare division of DGHRD takes care of welfare measures for employees working in Central Excise and Customs and Service Tax departments.

As a part of grant of rewards to employees of CBEC, the welfare measures are implemented using a welfare fund and special equipment fund created by the Government out of total amount equal to 10% of the sale proceeds of confiscated goods, credited to the Government and Customs/ Excise Duties, fines, penalties in offence cases realized and sustained in appeal/revision etc.

Presently following welfare schemes are being operated using the said funds.

  • Grant of financial assistance for non-reimbursable expenses under CS (MA)/ CGHS Rules;
  • Grant of ex-gratia financial assistance in cases of death of departmental officials;
  • Advance on medical grounds in exceptional cases in emergencies;
  • Arrangements for medical treatment in hospitals recognized under CS (MA)/ CGHS Rules without payment of any advance deposit by the departmental officials;
  • Grant of cash awards to the children of departmental officials for performance in Board Examinations at the level of 10th and 12th Standard;
  • Grant of scholarships for pursuing specified professional courses at graduate level;
  • Setting up of common facilities, viz. departmental guest hoses, acquiring accommodation in hotels, Canteens, Creches, Gym./ Recreation/ Sports Centers;
  • Grant of financial assistance for the losses suffered due to natural calamities like Tsunami, Earthquakes, Floods etc.;
  • Cash Awards for winning medals in games/events of National/ International importance and financial assistance for meeting expenditure on participation in National/International games/ events, etc.
  • Financial assistance for recreation and other outdoor activities including a sense of adventure.


The following GConnect articles provide details about these welfare Schemes.  Click the links below to have the details of relevant welfare schemes.

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Details of other welfare schemes will follow in the coming days.

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