Suggestions for Railway Budget 2017 – Staff Side of Central Government Employees

Secretary, National Council – Staff Side suggestions to Finance Minister for including in Railway Budget 2017

NC JCM Suggestions for including in the Rail Budget 2017-18

National Council (Staff Side)

Joint Consultative Machinery

for Central Government Employees

13-C Ferozshah Road, New Delhi 110001.


Dated: January 30, 2017

Shri Arun Jaitley,

Hon’ble Finance Minister,

Ministry of Finance,

(Government of India),

North Block,

New Delhi

Sub: Suggestions for including in the Rail Budget 2017-18

Respected Sir,

This time, after 92 years, Rail Budget has been merged into General Budget.

There are lots of speculations about it, but the Government of India, being responsible for smooth running of the Indian Railways, we earnestly hope that, fair justice will be done while placing Rail Budget on the floor of the Parliament.

As you are aware that, Railways has lot of safety concern, therefore, we suggest that Government of India should create “Non-Lapsable” Safety Related Fund to the tune of Rs.1 lakh crore, so that railway tracks, rolling stock, signaling, bridges etc. can be maintained properly in such a way that Railway Safety could be ensured.

We also do hope that, Staff Benefit Fund is very meager; therefore, this amount should be increased to meet the necessities of the Railwaymen and their wards. We sincerely hope that, funds for maintenance of Railway Colonies should be increased appropriately, so that inconvenience being faced by the Railwaymen as also their families could be avoided.

Railways is also in dire need of expansion, therefore, we hope that, sufficient money will be kept for increasing the connectivity of the Railways.

All the Central Government Employees are in quite anguish with the way of not getting their allowances. Pensioners are also worried that Option I has not been accepted, and the other formula, recommended by the Committee, has also not seen the light of the day. The demand of the Central Government Employees, viz. Increase in Minimum Wage as well as Fitment Formula have also not yet been settled. The issue of National Pension System(NPS) is still pending.

To meet the expense and settlement of our demands, we hope that, proper budgetary support will be kept in view while.

We do hope that, ceiling of the Income Tax will be increased to the tune of Rs.5 lakh to give relief to the public in general and Central Government Employees in particular.

Transport Allowance, Educational Allowance and certain other allowances, payable to the Central Government Employees, need to be exempted from the purview of Income Tax as well as Running Allowance, paid to Running Staff, should also be fully exempted from the Income Tax.

Comradely yours

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
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