Registration of vigilance case against Railway Officials

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Registration of vigilance case against Railway Officials arising out of Preventive check: Railway Board Order No.2019/V4/IRVM/1/2 dated 31.08.2020

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)


New Delhi, dt.31.08.20

The General Managers (Vigilance) Chief Vigilance Officers/PUs/PSUs
Zonal Railways,
Director Generals, CAO/COFMOW
RDSO/LKO, NAIR & CTIs ) | DMW/Patiala

Sub: Registration of vigilance case against Railway Officials.

A reference has been received from a Zonal Railway in connection with registration of vigilance case arising out of Preventive check. The case involves two officers wherein, SDGM viewed presence of vigilance angle and forwarded the case file to PHOD for reasoned views on presence of vigilance angle as per Para 521.2 of IRVM 2018. Questionnaires were issued after registration of case. Perusal of responses necessitated registration of vigilance case against a third officer whose role was not discussed earlier. In this regard, a clarification as to whether the case file be required to be sent to PHOD, again for reasoned views, has been sought from this office.

The matter has been examined and it is observed that Para 521 of IRVM 2018 seeks to obtain views of PHOD to have a comprehensive picture of case against officials involved in the case and certainly confirms to system of checks & balances. Hence, in Preventive Check & Zonal/RB level complaint cases, it is imperative that case file shall Invariably be processed to PHOD again.

While it is so, in complaints where a report has been sought by CVC or PMO or in respect to CA-(iii) references, Para 521.1 (iii) shall be followed for timely disposal of complaints.

This has the approval of PED/Vigilance & CVO/Ministry of Railways.

(Srinivas Malladi) :
Director Vigilance/Engg-I
Railway Board

Copy to:

(i) General Managers, Zona! Railways for kind information.
(ii) Officers of Vigilance Dte./Railway Board for information & necessary action.

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