Implementation of various modules of HRMS – Railway Board

Implementation of various modules of HRMS will continue upto 30.04.2021 – Railway Board Order dated 26.03.2021


No. PC-VIl/2020/HRMS/16

New Delhi, dated: 26.03.2021


The General Managers
(All Indian Railways/PUs)
(As per standard mailing list)

Sub: Implementation of various modules of HRMS-reg

Vide Board’s letter dated 16.02.2021, Field Units were given the option to operate various modules as per the manual practice also till 31.03.2021, keeping HRMS as the preferred option.

2. It has been decided by the Competent Authority that the procedure advised vide Board’s letter dated 16.02.2021 will continue upto 30.04.2021. However it is again clarified that HRMS will remain the preferred option and manual method may be resorted to only in case where it is unavoidable.

(M.K. Gupta)
Executive Director/PC-II
Railway Board
Tele: 011-22370081
Email: [email protected]
Room No. 152-B, First Floor

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