Implementation of Settlement, PF and e-pass modules of HRMS – Railway Board

Implementation of various modules of HRMS - Railway Board

Implementation of Settlement, PF and e-pass modules of HRMS – Deferment till 31.03.2021: Railway Board Order No. PC-VII/2020/HRMS/16 dated 16.02.2021


No. PC-VII/2020/HRMS/16

New Delhi, dated: 16.02.2021

General Managers
(ATL Indian Railways/PUs)
(As per standard mailing list)

Sub: Implementation of Settlement, PF and e-pass modules of HRMS-reg.

Eight modules of HRMS have been launched and vide Board’s letter dated 22.12.2020. It was advised that the modules would be effective w.e.f 01.01.2021.

2. However. various Railways and Production Units have raised issues like proxy errors. connectivity to server and flows of HRMS modules whereby users are experiencing difficulty in Issuance of Passes and PF.

3. This has been examined in Board. In order to avoid inconvenience to users, it has been decided that while HRMS remains the preferred option, Field Units also have the option to operate the Pass, PF and Settlement activities as per the existing practice till 31.03.2021. However from 01.04.2021 onwards all the activities relating to these modules shall only be Initiated through respective modules of HRMS as CRIS would have taken all measures to ensure seamless operation of HRMS.

4. This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

(M.K. Gupta)
Executive Director/PC-II
Railway Board

NO. PC-VII/2020/HRMS/16 New Delhi, dated: 15.02.2021

Copy forwarded to:- MD/CRIS and

1. PAs All Indian Railways. PUs, NFR(Const)
2. The Principal. National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara.
3. The General Manager, CORE/Allahabad
4. The Director General. RDSO, Lucknow,
5. The General Manager and FA&CAO, Metro Railway
6. The CAO and PFA. COFMOW/New Delhi
7. The CAOQ(Const). MEPOR)/Mumbai

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