HRMS- Procedure & Methodology: Railway Board Order

Implementation of various modules of HRMS - Railway Board order dated 01.09.2021

HRMS – Login Method, Procedure to apply for Pass/PF, checking the data entered in HRMS, raising request for change/ correction in HRMS data etc: Railway Board Order dated 18.03.2021

भारत सरकार Government of India
रेल मंत्रालय Ministry of Railways
(रेलवे बोर्ड) Railway Board

Office Order No. 16 of 2021

Sub: HRMS- Procedure & Methodology

Various Modules of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) has been launched all across the Indian Railways. However, it has been observed that officers/staff working in Board ‘s Office are not aware of various aspects of HRMS like Login Method, procedure to apply for Pass/PF, checking the data entered in HRMS, raising request for change/correction in HRMS data etc.

2. In majority of cases officers/staff have not yet checked the data entered in HRMS with the PAO( for gazetted Officers), ERB-II ( for non-gazetted staff) and ERB-V( for MTS etc) particularly service/pass related data, as a result problems are faced by them while applying for Pass/PF.

3. In the first instance, all Officers/staff are requested to login in HRMS portal and check their service related data. Any error in Service Record, Dependents, Family details, Salary etc may be brought to the knowledge of their respective ERB sections (by non-gazetted staff )and to PAO unit (by Gazetted Officers). All correction related to service record dependent, family members, salary data would be carried out by these unit. Alternatively, the concerned Officer/staff may raise edit/change/update request through HRMS portal for which detailed procedure has been attached at Annexure-I.

4. Accordingly, a detailed flow chart (Annexure-I & II) covering various aspects of HRMS has been attached for ease of working through HRMS. It is requested that all officers/staff may start using HRMS, get themselves registered, change login password, apply for Passes/PF through HRMS and gradually get them selves acquainted with different modules/features. HRMS can be accessed from Mobile/PC browser ( or through HRMS Android app ( which may be down loaded through google play store, App for iOS is not yet ready and would be intimated in due course).

5. Cooperation of all concerned is solicited towards use of HRMS. For any technical query HRMS help desk at first floor Room No 110-A may be consulted.

Dated: 18/03/2021

(B Majumdar)
Joint Secretary/Railway Board

All Officers/Branches in Board’s Office and at Dayabasti, New Delhi. Dir/Admn, Dir/GA JDF/CCA & PAO/RB

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