e-PPO for Central Government Pensioners

e-PPO for Central Government Pensioners – Software for uploading Pension Payment Order PPO by PAO in CPAO website

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Central Pension Accounting Office
Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Cama Place
New Delhi.


Office Memorandum
Sub: – Software (e-PPO utility) for processing pension cases.
1. As a part of Citizen Centric e-governance initiative, the Central Pension Accounting Office is committed to improve the process of authorization and disbursement of pension constantly by the information technology mode.
2. Taking initiative in this direction as a first phase, all Pay & Accounts Offices have been provided with the facility to upload the text file of e-PPO on Central Pension Accounting Office’s website www.cpao.nic.in. The related instructions have already been issued to all concerned vide OM. CPAO/Tech/e-PP0/2013-14/57 dated-03.06.2013.
3. Continuing this process, as a step forward, all Pay & Accounts Offices are being provided with the facility of uploading Pension Payment Order (Form CAM-52, para 7.3.2) on Central Pension Accounting Office’s website www.cpao.nic.in with digital signature of the authorized signatory so that the movement of papers can be discontinued.
4. In the proposed system Head of office will forward the images of certified copies of photograph, signatures, thumb impression, finger prints in a CD alongwith pension cases to PAO. After the verification of pension papers from the Service Book, checking the calculation and processing the case in Pension Module of COMPACT, the PAO will send the SSA, PPO booklet in CAM-52 and copies of the documents received in CD from Head of office electronically by uploading the same on CPAO’s website. The CPAO will furthers process the cases at its end and electronically send the digitally signed Special Seal Authority along with Pension Payment Order booklet to the CPPC of the concerned authorized bank electronically. The CPPC will arrange to provide a printout on coloured printer to pensioner as a pensioner’s copy. The intention behind this is to reduce the time period taken in the transit starting from PAO to bank/pensioner and to remove the scope of lose of the document in transit.
5. Before this exercise is completed, all Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs (with independent charges) may please ensure that the Pay & Accounts Officers dealing with pension have been issued digital signature for locking the complete e-record of pension processes from NIC Cell of CGA’s Office (Sh. Dipankar Sen Gupta, Technical Director) in the same manner as for digital signature required for e-payment and sensitise all the H.0.0/DDO under their payment control for enclosing a CD, along with pension papers containing certified copies of images of the documents specified in Para 4 above.
6. The procedure of manual sending of PPO CAM 52 (PPO Booklet) along with SSA etc. will be discontinued with the commencement of uploading of e-PPO (CAM 52 along with other documents).
7. The date of commencement of uploading of e-PPO (CAM 52 along with other documents) will be intimated shortly.

This issues with the approval of Controller General of Accounts.

(Dr. Dilip Kumar)
Controller of Accounts

Download Office Memorandum No.CPAO/Tech/e-PPO/2013-14/ dated 26.06.2013 issued by Central Pension Accounting Office, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance

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