Licence Fee to be raised Six Times on out of turn quarters Allotment

The Ministry of Urban Development reviewed matter of charging of three time of license fee in case of out turn allotment till the day the allot tee becomes eligible for in-turn allotment of a Govt. residence.

On this review it has been decided to propose enhanced rate of six times of license fee in all the cases of all out of turn allotment through CCA from the date of occupation of Govt. residence till the day allot tee’s turn matures as per his seniority/priority in waiting list for allotment of that type of Govt. residence.

Ministry of Urban Development has requested all section to submit proposal for out of turn allotment at six times of license fee for consideration of CCA

Download Office Memorandum No: 12035/11/97-Policy-II (Pt.)  dated 28.10.2010

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