LTC – Free Sea Passage to Home Town, Kolkatta/Chennai in addition to regular LTC

In addition to regular LTC Defence Peronnel and their families can avail free passage to hometown, and Kolkatta/Chennai once a year – CGDA Order

Office of CGDA, Ulan Batar Road, Palam Delhi Cantt-110010


Dated 25-4-2018

The PCDA (Navy)

Sub : Admissibility of Free Sea Passage to Service Personnel

The case regard admissibility of free sea passage to service personnel at A&N islands was referred to MOD for Clarification. The MOD vide ID Note No.10(8)/2014-D(Mov) dt.22.4.2016 and 7.3.2018 has clarified the LTC/Concession entitlement of the service personnel posted at A & N group of Islands as under:

Service Personnel posted in A &N Islands are entitled for the following LTC/concessions as per various orders:

i. Normal LTC under provisions of Rue 177(A/B) and 184 of Travel Regulations.

ii. In addition they are entitled to one additional free passage including sea passage to their SPR/Hometown in terms of GoI MOD letter No.5(30/07/D(Mov)dt.28th April 2010. This has been incorporated under Rule 177© of Travel regulations (2014 edition)

iii. As per GoI MoD letter No.67669/AC/PS 3(a) /1613 /D(Pay/Services) dated 13th March 1973 service personnel and their families are entitled free sea passage appropriate class once a year to Kolkatta/Chennai & back in addition to LTC

LTC/concessions / Sea Passage claims of service personnel posted at A &N group of Islands may be dealt with accordingly.

This issues with the approval of Jt.CGDA(P&W)


Read/Download CGDA Order No.AT/IV/4026/PC-8 Dated 25.04.2018

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