Allotment of Quarters on medical grounds

The Directorate of Estates has already issued an Office Memorandum dated 17.11.1997 and 08.07.2008 on allotment of Government Accommodation on medical grounds.

Due to paucity of units in the higher types, of late it is seen that medical ground has become a soft route to procure allotment of accommodation of the category, which the concerned officer is not likely to get in his turn in the near future. This resulting in junior officers getting higher type of accommodation on medical grounds while senior are waiting for years. This practice has become a cause of concern for a large number of officers waiting to get 2-3 types below their entitlement on their regular turn. With a view to provide accommodation to the needy on medical ground and also ensure that the facility is not misused to procure an accommodation higher than what he/she may get in normal course on the basis of his/her seniority in the waiting list it has now been decided with the approval of competent authority that the following guidelines be observed by the committee while considering and recommending cases of discretionary allotment on medical ground in addition to the existing guidelines.

1. Since, there is difference in type of accommodation that officers get at present, under tenure pool visa-a-vis in the general pool the committee will accordingly recommed specific type of accommodation on medical grounds ads per the table given below.

Basic Pay/Grade pay Tenure Pool General Pool
Rs.80,000 C-II C-II
Rs.10,000 D-I D-II
Rs.8700 D-II Type-4 Spl
Rs.7600 D-II Type-IV
Rs.6600 Type-4 Spl Type-IV

2. Because of heavy demand and long waiting list for change allotment in the areas mentioned in the table below committee will not recommend allotment on medical grounds in these areas

Higher Type
Chankyapuri, Bapa Nagar, motibagh, Shahjahan Road, Tilak Lane Chankyapuri,Rabindra Nagar, Bharti Nagar Vinay Marg, Pandara Road, Kaka Nagar, Cornwallis Road, Mahadeva road, Ashoka Road
No allotment on medical grounds will be made in LBZ area
Lower Type
Type-IV Type-III Type-II
Pandara Road, Peshwa Road, Lodhi Colony Lodhi Colony, Mandir Marg Lodhi Colony, Mandir Marg

3. The Committee will not recommend ad-hoc allotment on medical grounds of house higher than C-II category.

4. Date of sanction for ad-hoc allotment on medical grounds will determine the inter-se-seniority of the applicants.

5. Allotment will be made from the respective pool i.e the pool from which the applicant is entitled for allotment.

6. The ground floor accommodation will be allotted on the specific recommendation of the Committee. For this purpose all floors in multi-storeyed building with lift facility will be considered at par with ground floor.

7. In case of applicant does not accept the allotment of a house made as per the recommendation of Committee he/she will fore-go his claim and will not be considered for allotment of another house on the basis of the sanction against which allotment has been made.

8. Original and certified copy of the medical Certificate issued by the Medical Board should bear the signature of the Medical Superintendent of the treating hospital vis-a-vis signature and photo of the patient. Also one month's prescription slips issued by the treating hospital at the town where the Government Servant is posted should also be examined. The medical certificate should specifically indicate the nature and extent of the disease and also the disability caused by it.

9. Dependency and relationship of the patient with the Government Servant should be established through the CGHS card and self declaration.

10. Details of present accommodation if any of the patient and the Government Servant should also be taken in the consideration while considering and recommending allotment on medical ground.

Download Office Memorandum No: 12035/2/97-Pol.II (Pt.II) dated 16.09.2009

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