One Rank One Pension demand fulfilled in Budget 2015 – IESM

One Rank One Pension demand fulfilled in Budget 2015 – OROP will be implemented before 31st March 2015 says Chairman IESM

One Rank One Pension Chairman demand of Ex-Servicemen has been fulfilled through Budget as claimed by Major General Mr. Satyabir Singh of the Indian Ex-Serviceman Movement. According to him Mr. Jaitley has fulfilled the promise of the Governments promise of ‘one rank one pension’.

He says increase in budget allocation for defense is meant for implementing One Rank One Pension. He further claimed that Mr. Modi, then the Prime Ministerial Candidates has voiced his support for ISM in his election rally in Revadi, and now it is accomplished.

After the budget was tabled, the Dainik Jagran contacted many Ex-Service Officers as well as serving Officers, but none were able to confirm this. But when Dainik Jagran contacted the Chairman of the Indian Ex-Serviceman Movement, Mr.Satyabir Singh, his response was different.

He said at the first look of the budget he felt disappointed, because he was under the impression that the Government did not consider the demand of ex-servicemen for one rank one pension. But, he contacted higher Officials of the Defence Ministry expecting clarifications from them on OROP. According him, he was assured that the increase in the budget for defence is only for the scheme ‘one rank one pension’.

According to Mr. Satyabir Singh the OROP mission is accomplished now, especially after the budget.
He says “Our representatives had met the Defence Minister on 1st of February 2015. Defence Minister had assured us that our demand for One Rank One Pension will be resolved by the Ministry in the Budget, and ‘One rank one pension’ will be officially announced before 31st March 2015″.

Major General Mr.Satyabir Singh of the Indian Ex-Serviceman Movement, further went on to say that he is thankful to the Prime Minister Mr.Modi, the finance Minister Mr. Jaitley and the Defence Minister for this historic achievement.

Source: Dainik Jagran

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