Granting of Rs. 4600/- Grade Pay to the skilled Grade employees

INTUC request for Granting of Rs. 4600/- Grade Pay to the skilled Grade employees who got Rs. 5000-8000 prior to 31.12.2005 on account of financial upgradation under ACP-II

Indian National Defence Workers Federation has submitted a request to the Secretary to Govt of India, Ministry of Defence for grant of Rs. 4600/- Grade Pay to the skilled Grade employees ACP-II.


INDWF/M of E/MACP/2015

Date 30.12.2015


The Secretary to Government of India

Ministry of Defence,

New Delhi 110 011.

Sub: Granting of Rs. 4600/- Grade Pay to the skilled Grade employees who got Rs.5000-8000 prior to 31.12.2005 on account of financial upgradation under ACP-II-reg.

Ref: M of D order vide I.D.No.11(5)/2009-D(Civ-I) Dt 06.02.2015.


Three Recognised Federations in Defence have served Strike notice to go for Strike from 17.02.2014 to the Secretary, Ministry of Defence to settle some of the outstanding and long pending demands of Defence Civilian Employees.

On the basis of the Strike notice, a meeting was convened by Ministry of Defence to discuss the demands under the Chairmanship of Addl. Secretary, Ministry of Defence on 06.02.2014. During the discussion some of the issues were agreed and accordingly necessary orders were issued on the settled demands.

In this particular demands i.e. granting of Rs.4600/- Grade Pay w.e.f. 01.09.2008 for those Industrial Employees who have completed 30 years of regular and continuous service and got Rs.5000-8000 on or before 31.12.2005 irrespective of their grade on completing 24 years service under ACP Scheme has been agreed to consider.

Accordingly after the meeting M of D,(Civ-I) has issued necessary order vide I.D.No.11(5)/2009-D (Civ-I) Dt 06.02.2015. to grant Rs.4600/- on completion of 30 years of regular service either w.e.f 01.09.2009 or after the date of completion of 30 years through MACP-III. In this letter, M of D mentioned that the benefit of MACP-III will be granted for HS/MCM employees only whereas, there are many number of skilled employees who got Rs. 5000-8000 due to stagnation on or before 31.12.2005 and are also eligible along with HS/MCM employees since they did not get promotions in their hierarchy. This draft and final order is merely an error, that it was not viewed skilled employees are also available in the Directorates due to heavy stagnation and continue to remain in the Skilled grade for 30 years.

This error is purely due to unnoticed and not brought to the knowledge of M o D but this has created a serious anomaly and denied the benefit of granting MACP Rs.4600/- Grade Pay to skilled employees. This M of D letter was issued with the acceptance and approval of Defence Finance authorities.

When the issue was raised by the Staff side several times in the steering committees and in the main meetings of Departmental Council JCM, M of D, necessary action has been initiated by M of D to consider/include skilled category employees who got ACP-2 Rs.5000-8000 on or before 31.12.2005. Unfortunately, it seems Def (FM) refused to consider and also DOP&T has also not agreed.

In this respect, we would like to submit that this issue is very much genuine and the skilled grade employees are also equally eligible for MACP-3 for Rs.4600/- either from 01.09.2009 or on completion of 30 years along with HS/MCM. It is also pertinent to mention that grade is not the criteria for ACP/MACP, only the present Pay/Grade pay and total number of regular and continuous service is the only criteria for granting financial upgradation.

It is therefore, requested the M of D may issue suitable amendment to the M of D letter Dated 06.02.2014 to grant the financial upgradation to skilled employees to avoid an ligation on the subject.

Yours Sincerely,


General Secretary&

Secretary (Staff side) JCM, Dep Council, M of D
Source : INTUC