Fixation Of Maximum Number Of Days For Disposal Of Various Types Of Cases

Fixation Of Maximum Number Of Days For Disposal Of Various Types Of Cases

No.A/88296/Policv Corr/CAD/A-2(B)

(Office of JS & CAO)



  1. General instructions regarding disposal of various types of cases in Govt Depts already exists under Chapter XI ‘Check on Delays’ in the Manual of Office Procedure; MoP). However, Para 60 of the MoP emphasises that each Ministry /. Department should fix time limits for disposal of as many types of cases as possible handled in the Department through departmental instructions.
  2. In accordance with Para 60 of MoP and to streamline the existing practice of disposal of cases in Adm division of CAD’s office, it has been decided to lay down norms for disposal of different cases / requests / applications on a time bound manner under normal circumstances. The under mentioned nature of cases have been considered feasible for the purpose of timely disposal / finalization of cases / requests / applications received from officers / members of staff:-
SI No. Subject Time Limit for Disposal
working days)
1. Grant of Advance / Withdrawal from GPF 03 Days  02 Days
2. LTC Advance (Adm Entry)
3. LTC Final Claim Adm Ent 05 Da s
4. Forwarding of Application for outside posts 01 Day after CCA approval 02 Days
5. Forwarding of Application for type test
6. Forwarding Application for Allotment / Possession of Govt Accommodation 02 Days
7. Application for CGHS card ( New / Renewal) 02 Days
8.9. Opening of Service Book on New Apptts including all Nominations. NPS form etc.) 10 Days
NOC for Passport 15 Days

15 Days
05 Days

10. NoC for Visiting Abroad
11. Medical Reimbursement claim under Delegated Powers
12. Sanction of Medical Advance under Delegated Powers 03 Days
13. Grant of Permission under Conduct Rules As prescribed under Conduct Rules
14. Change of Home Town for LTC recorded in Service Book 03 Days
15. Issue of LPC on Transfer 07 Days
16. Permission to Undertake Higher Study or Course 05 Days
17. Fixation of Pay on Promotion_ 15 Days
15 Days
18. Leave Applications
19. Payment of Pay and Allowances On due date
20. Sanction of Hindi Awards and Special 05 Days
21. WIP / VIP Reference 07 Days
22. Parliament Question Starred and 05 Days or on demand
Unstarred whichever is less
23. Preparation of Bill for Leave Encashment on LTC 03 Days

Note: The cases where final disposal is dependent upon various clearances from other offices, processing of the case must commence immediately.

All officers and staff are requested to furnish their applications / requests complete in all respects so that their requests may be disposed of within the time limit mentioned above. In case of delay, they may kindly bring the matter to the notice of the SAO / Dy Dir of concerned Adm Section

(Dr. S.K. Mishra)

Dy CAO (Admin) For JS & CAO

Fixation Of Maximum Number Of Days For Disposal Of Various Types Of Cases

Fixation Of Maximum Number Of Days For Disposal Of Various Types Of Cases

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