Air India LTC 80 Fare for Central Government Employees – Features and Conditions

Central Government Employees drawing grade pay of Rs.5400 and above can travel by air for the tours performed on official duty and while proceeding on LTC. In addition to this eligibility, all Central Government employees can either fully travel by air or for partial distance depending on the classification of their post as “A”, “B” or “C”, while proceeding on LTC to North East Region and Jammu & Kashmir.

However, the air fare that is reimbursed by the Government for LTC will be restricted to LTC 80 fare relating to flights opertaed by Air India.

What is LTC 80?

LTC 80 is a scheme offered by Air India for booking air tickets when central government officers avail LTC. Prior to July 2009, tariff under LTC 80 was not very significant as officers were allowed to travel in private airlines while claiming LTC. In such cases rates under LTC 80 were reimbursed to officers irrespective the amount spent by them for traveling in private airlines.

However, after July 2009, except for travel to NER and J&K availing LTC, travel by private airlines while proceeding on LTC is not allowed and further officers are allowed to claim only the amount not exceeding the LTC 80 rates, when they traveled by Air India in the categories other than LTC 80.

Feature of LTC 80:

  • This is a special category for Government Employees who travel in Economy Class
  • You can not avail child & Infant Fare or any other discount under this scheme.
  • Tickets booked under LTC Scheme are refundable. However you will have to pay refund Fee of Rs. 150 per ticket, cancelled at least 1hour prior to the departure. But if you get the Ticket cancelled less than 1hour prior to the departure, it will be treated as no-show.
  • You can re-book and change your reservation by paying just Rs.150 per ticket at least 1hour prior to departure.
  • After commencement of the journey you cannot Re-Route your booking.
  • For verification you are required to carry the Employee Identity Card while traveling. You are also required to present your Employee identity card at the time of issuance of the tickets for necessary endorsement on the tickets.
  • Your ticket will be Non-endorsable and valid to travel on Air India only.
  • If you are an Employee of the State, Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings or employee of the educational institutions recognized/aided by Centre, State Government and or affiliated to any of the University/ Educational Boards then you and your family members traveling on leave and availing LTC facility are eligible for availing this scheme.
  • Under this scheme your booking should be on confirmed basis.
  • You can purchase your ticket under this scheme from Air India booking offices and approved travel agents.


Air Travel by Central Government Employees in the case of LTC – General Conditions

General LTC:

  • Travel by Air India only
  • In economy class only irrespective of entitlement
  • LTC-80 ticket of Air India only to be purchased
  • Air tickets may be purchased directly from Airlines or by utilising the services of authorised travel Agents

LTC for J&K:

  • Relaxation to travel by private airlines to visit J&K while availing LTC is available to all the categories of Government Employees including those entitled to travel by air. (DOPT OMs 31011/2/2003-Estt (A-IV) dated 18.06.2010 and 5.08.2010
  • Air tickets may be purchased directly from Airlines at booking counters or through website of Airlines or by utilising the services of authorized travel Agents


Leave Travel Concession

One Time Relaxation for LTC 80 Claims




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