7th Pay Commission Defence Pay and Arrears Calculator

Amendment to Armed Forces Pay Rules and Regulations, 2017 (Army)

7th Pay Commission Defence Pay and Arrears Calculator after issue of Gazette Notification by Govt- Calculate your revised pay, MSP, and X Pay and Arrears.

update: 07.09.2016: Govt has issued Gazette notification for implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations for all Defence Personnel today

Download 7th Pay Commission Resolution for Defence Personnel – Gazette Notification

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We have updated our earlier calculating tool for 7th Pay Commission Pay for Defence Personnel, with Arrears calculation with effect from January 2016, as revision of pay, MSP, and X Pay will take effect from 1st January 2016.

As far as other allowances such as HRA, Transport Allowances are concerned, same quantum of allowances would continue even after implementation of 7th CPC recommendations for the time being till the decision is taken by the govt on 7th Pay Commission allowances committee report which is expected to be submitted in four months.


As far as NPA applicable to Defence Forces Doctors and Medical Professionals entitled to Non-Practicing Allowance is concerned, there is no clear cut announcement till date from the govt.  As 7th Pay Commission has proposed for reduction in the rate of NPA and also for omitting NPA for the purpose of calculation of HRA, there will be reduction in salary if 7th CPC recommendations is accepted as such.

7th Pay Commission Recommendations on Non-Practising Allowance (NPA)

7th Pay Commission – Doctors met FM over reduced NPA and omitting NPA for calculating HRA

Since Govt has decided to pay the existing quantum of allowance till it takes decision on 7th Pay Commission  Allowances committee report, we have taken the same quantum of NPA for the purpose of calculation of pay drawn and due in this tool .

7th Pay Commission proposed X-Pay:

i. X pay for JCOs/ORs in Group X at ₹6,200 per month for all X trades which involve obtaining a qualification which is equivalent of a diploma recognised by AICTE. This amount is the difference in the minimum of the Pay level 6 (corresponding to Grade Pay of ₹4200 in VI CPC), and Pay level 5 (corresponding to Grade Pay of ₹2800 in VI CPC).

ii. X pay for JCOs/ORs in Group X at ₹3,600 per month (standard fitment of 2.57 on the existing X pay of ₹1,400), for those currently in X pay, but not having a technical qualification recognised by AICTE.

Military Service Pay (MSP)

An identical fitment of 2.57 has also been applied to the existing rates of Military Service Pay (MSP), applicable to defence forces personnel only.

Designation Existing MSP. Rs Recommended MSP Rs
Service Officers 6000 15500
Nursing Officers 4200 10800
JCO / ORs 2000 5200
Non Combatants (Enrolled) in the Air Force 1000 3600

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Note: CPI from July 2015 to May 2016 indicates 7% increase in DA from July 2016 for pre-revised pay and 2% from July 2016 after implementation of 7th Pay Commission.  So, Central Government Employees and pensioners will be entitled to DA at the rate of 2% from July 2016 on the revised pay. For the purpose of calculation of arrears this calculator takes DA as on July 2016 as 0% only as revised pay will be paid in August 2016.  It is also expected that DA arrears from July 2016 will be paid separately, once DA with effect from July 2016 is announced in September 2016 or October 2016

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