Stepping up of pay of senior PAs of CSSS on their regular promotion with reference to their junior

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.M. of even number dated 31.5.2011 vide which stepping up of pay of senior PAs of CSSS appointed/promoted prior to 1.1.2006 and drawing less pay than PAs of CSSS promoted after 1.1.2006 was allowed by this Department.

2. The issue regarding anomalies in pay that have arisen to CSSS officers who have got ACP before 1.1.2006 followed by the regular promotion after 1.1.2006 due to different mode of pay fixation issued by the Department of Expenditure vide their U.O. note No.10/1/2009-IC dated 14.12.2009 has been examined in consultation with the Department of Expenditure. It has been decided that PAs of CSSS who were allowed ACP before 1.1.2006 but who were promoted as PAs in CSSS after 1.1.2006 may be allowed stepping up of pay on such regular promotion with reference to their junior who were promoted after 1.1.2006 subject to the condition that the senior was receiving more pay than junior before such ACPs.

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  1. sir,

    i have a latest order from CAT regarding tgt ,pgt teachers fixation of pay.as per this order court has ordered to fix the pay who are upgraded to 7450 must be fixed at 18460 rather than 17140.i can email this order if any body want.
    send your email address to me.

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