Railway employees medical treatment period for serious ailments

Railway employees medical treatment period for serious ailments like Cancer,  Tuberculosis or Polio myelitis

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen NFIR has made representation to the Railway Board for considering medical treatment period as duty period in respect of for serious  ailments   like Cancer,  Tuberculosis   or Polio myelitis and eligibility of those Railwaymen.

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

Affiliated to :
Indian National Trade Union Congress(INTUC)
International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)


     Dated:  19/05/2015

The Secretary (E),
Railway  Board, New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub:       Treatment     of   period    of   Railway    employees     sent    for    medical    treatment    of serious  ailments   like Cancer,  Tuberculoses   or Polio myelitis  Reg.


Federation   desires  to invite attention  of the Railway  Board to the provisions  contained  in Rule No.1676 (l) of IREC, Vol-II extract  of which  is  reproduced  below.

“A Railway  servant suffering from  Cancer, Tuberculosis or Polio myelitis  who  is sent to a hospital referred .in Rule 643 RI for treatment on the advice  of the authorised Medical Attendant shall  be entitled to travelling allowance  as for a journey on tour  to and  from the place of treatment, but no daily  allowance  shall  be admissible for any halts”

As  per  the  above   provision   Railway   employee   or  a  family   member   of  the  employee,   if suffering   from  Cancer, Tuberculoses or  Polio  myelitis  and  sent  to  Railway   Hospital  or  referred  to another  Hospital  for treatment is entitled  for payment  of travelling allowance similar  to the journey on tour, to and from the place of treatment.

NFIR  has noted  that the rules,  however, do not cover the period  of absence during  the medical treatment  of the  Railway employee  or member  of his/her  family.  Reports  received  by the  Federation from  Zones/Divisions    reveal  that  Railway  employees   have  been  facing   difficulties    in  absence   of adequate  provision    as the  period  spent  by the employee   is debited  against  ‘leave   due’  and  sometimes leads   to ‘Nil’   balance  which  causes  further  hardships  as the employees   are denied  salary  due to non• availability  of adequate  amount  of leave in the leave account.

NFIR,  therefore  requests   the  Railway   Board  to  make  suitable   provision    in   the  rules  for treating   such  periods   as  duty,   may  be,  on  production   of  medical   certificate   from  the  authorised medical  officer  and  issue  instructions   accordingly.   This  will send a right  message  among  the Railway employees   as a positive  welfare  measure.  A copy  of the  instructions   issued  may  be endorsed  to the Federation.

Yours faithfully,

(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

Download National Federation of Indian Railwaymen request letter No.II/IO dated 19.05.2015

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