Disposal of old pending cases & finalization of Departmental Proceedings – Railway Board

Clarification regarding the term “availing of Passes/PTOs”

Disposal of old pending cases & finalization of Departmental Proceedings – Railway Board order dated 15.01.2021


No. 2019N1/DAR/1/1

New Delhi,

Date: 15.01.2021

The General Managers All Zonal Railways


All Zonal Railways/PSUs/PUs

Metro/Kolkata, DG RDSO/LKO

Sub: Disposal of old pending cases & finalization of Departmental Proceedings.

Ref: (i) CVC’s Circular No.18/12/20 dt. 14.12.20
(ii) CVC’s Circular No.19/12/20 dt. 22 . 12.20
(iii) CVC’s Circular No.20/12/20 dt. 30.12.20

Please find enclosed herewith a copy of CVC’s referred circulars wherein Commission emphasized timely completion of due action in vigilance related matters. CVC desired that required action such as issue of charge sheet to the stage of appointment of 10/PO (as applicable) and submission of inquiry report (in major penalty cases where 10 is appointed) may be completed within 2 months and 6 months respectively, which may be extended by 1 more month due to unavoidable/unforeseen circumstances.

In regard to pendency of old cases, the Commission after review of cases, attributed delays to reasons such as stays granted in Court of Law, transfer of charged official to other units/departments, want of recommendations/views from DA, cases kept in abeyance by DA etc., The Commission expects that all cases initiated between the period 01.01.11 to 31.12.18 be finalized latest by 31.05.21. In regard to stays granted in Courts of Law, attention is hereby drawn to CVC circular under ref (ii), so that Railways may initiate appropriate action for vacation of stay.

It is requested that above circulars may kindly be brought to the notice of all concerned for appropriate and prompt action please.

(Srinivas Malladi)
Director Vigilance Engg(I)
Railway Board

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