Timely completion of Departmental Inquiry proceedings – Improving vigilance administration

Revision of conservancy Cess Charges of Indian Railways w.e.f. 01.07.2021

Timely completion of Departmental Inquiry proceedings – Improving vigilance administration: Railway Board Order dated 16.07.2021

RBV No. /2021


No. 2021/V-1/DAR/1/3

New Delhi, Date: 16.07.2021

The General Manager (P)
All Zonal Railways &
Production Units.

Sub:- Timely completion of Departmental Inquiry proceedings- improving vigilance administration.

The Central Vigilance Commission have expressed serious concern on long and undue delay in finalization of inquiry proceedings in vigilance cases. CVC has stated that administrative authorities are not adhering to the time schedule prescribed for completion of departmental inquiries resulting into delay in disciplinary proceedings.

2. Railway Board vide their instructions no. 2012/V-1/DAR/6/2 of dated 07/10/2015 and 2012/V-1/DAR/6/2(Pt.) dated 01.02.2016 has advised rates of honorarium for inquiry officer in conducting departmental inquires arising out of vigilance investigations against Railway Servants as well as time schedule for completion of inquiry.

3. in view of the above, the matter has been reconsidered and it has been decided that duration of time schedule (indicating the date when scheduled period is getting over) as well as remuneration to be given to RIO may clearly be brought into the notice of RIOs in the first instance while issuing appointment letters to the RlOs for expeditious disposal of inquiry proceedings. For example RIO of the Grade of SG and above is getting Rs. 60,000/- on completion of enquiry within scheduled time frame of 180 days and 30000/- between 180- 365 days and 15000/- between 366 days and above. Similarly, different rates of honorarium have been fixed for JAG/serving SAG and JAG officers etc.

4. Further, RIO may also be asked to submit first progress report after 30 days of appointment regarding dates when enquiry was held/planning for conduct of inquiry as well as constraint if any in inquiry proceedings.

5. Necessary lines as mentioned in Para 3 and 4 may be incorporated while issuing SO appointment letters to RlOs for ensuring strict compliance as well as reduce delay in inquiry proceedings.

(Salim Mohd. Ahmed)
Joint Director/V-III
Railway Board

Copy forwarded for information & necessary action:-

(i) Secretary/ Railway Board
(ii) The GM(Vigilance), All Indian Railways & Production Units etc.
(ii) All Officers and Branches of the Vigilance Directorate.
(iv) ERB-I, ERB-III, EO-I, FE-Il, EG, PAO and O&M

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