Guide to Retiring Employees from Central Government Services

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Guide to Retiring Employees from Central Government Services – Important steps to take before Retirement

Guide to Retiring Employees from Central Government Services

Important steps to take before Retirement

Retirement steps

1. Mode of Pension payment

After the employee decides about the place of stay after retirement, he / she should also decide the mode of receipt of pension. Pension can be received through nationalized banks or Post offices. Employee has to specifically furnish the Pension account.

2. Photographs

A retiring employee has to submit 5 passport size joint photographs of himself/herself and that of the spouse for pension and one stamp-size photo to be submitted for issuing photo identity Card. Five individual photographs of the employee should be submitted for commutation forms and for service certificate. One set of individual photographs of all eligible family members including unemployed sons aged 21 years should be submitted for medical identity card. Similarly, two sets of individual photographs of self and eligible family members for the purpose of Identity Card for Post-Retirement Complimentary passes should also be submitted.

3. Permanent Residential Address

Employee has to furnish the details of permanent residential address where he/she intends to settle after retirement for purpose of communication of any information, in future.

4. Family details

Employee has to furnish details of family members along with date of birth and identification marks in the form given at Annexure-III of this booklet. Apart from the aforesaid, following self- checks will enable early payment of retirement dues.

5. Whether the PF account is complete. If employee has been transferred on more than one occasion, the details of deductions from all units must have been sent to the unit from where he/she is finally retiring.

6. Whether leave account is updated with all credits and debits.

7. Whether periods of break in service, if any, have been regularized.

8. Whether Service Register is complete in all respects.

9. Whether nomination has been executed for PF, GIS and Gratuity.

10. Whether the nomination is current and doesn’t need any change.

11. Whether Govt. accommodation is vacated in time.

12. Whether any DAR case is pending.

13. Whether Metal Pass (in case of officers)/Duty Card Pass issued by the administration are surrendered.

14. Whether any period of suspension remains to be regularized.

15. Payment of all dues viz. loans and advances availed, etc.