Latest Clarifications on Children Education Allowance

Many of us had doubts  whether we can claim the entire amount of  Children Education Allowance (CEA) in the first quarter of the academic year ?  The Department of Personnel and training (DOPT) has issued clarification on the following two points :

Question : (i) whether Children Education Allowance would be admissible beyond two children due to failure of sterilization operation. 

Clarification :  The reimbursement of Children Education Allowance is admissible only for the first child born after failure of sterilization operation.

Question (ii): whether the admissible amount per annum per child (annual ceiling of Rs.15000/-) on account of CEA can be reimbursed in full in the first quarter of the financial/academic year itself ?

Clarification : It is clarified that a Government servant is allowed to get 50% of the total amount subject to the overall annual ceiling in the first quarter and the remaining amount in third and or fourth quarter. Frontloading of the entire amount in the first and second quarters is not allowed.     A Government servant claim full amount subject to annual ceiling of Rs.15000/- in last quarter

For complete details, download the DOPT OM No.12011/16/2009-Estt.(AL) dated 17.06.2011 


  1. As per DOPT order No.No.12011/01/2011-Estt.(Allowance) dated 4.5.2011, all the Govt. servants are eligible for CEA of Rs.15,000/- per annum and Hostel Subsidy of Rs. 3750/-pm.  This order takes effect from 1.1.2011.  I have submitted by claim to my children during April, 2011.  My claim for CEA was Rs.13,500/- and for Hostel Subsidy was Rs.46,000/-.  My PAO restricted by claim to Rs.12,000/- and Rs.36,000/- respectively.  On enquiry, the PAO said the DOPT order will be applicable only to the cases who submitted their claim after issue of DOPT order.  If  I am correct, as per DOPT order, I am eligible for CEA and Hostel Subsidy to my daughters on pro-rata basis .  Kindly let me know whether I am correct or my PAO is correct ? 

    1. Enhanced CEA is with effect from 1.1.2011. So, if you have submitted your child’s education expenses for the year 2010-11, you will be eligible for enhanced CEA for the expenses pertaining to the period from 1.1.2011. Date of submission claim is irrelevant in this context

  2. I have been informed that the reimbursement is restricted to only two years before class 1st (LKG, UKG or any other name it may be). Is it correct??? Now a days most of the children study 3 years (nursery, LKG, and UKG) before going to 1st.
    Please reply!

  3. Sir,
    Whether CEA admissible for student studying in private, unaided school registered under societies registration act ? Pl. clarify.

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