KV Schools in Tamil Nadu – Website link and Email address

The details of KV Schools in Tamil Nadu are given below for your information.

There are KV 43 schools in Tamil Nadu

S.No. Name of KV Website address E-mail address
1 ARAKKONAM No.1 www.kvarakkonamone.tn.nic.in [email protected]
2 ARAKKONAM No.2 www.kvthakkolam.tn.nic.in [email protected]
3 ARUVANKADU www.kvavk.tn.nic.in [email protected]
4 AVADI AFS www.kvafsavadi.tn.nic.in [email protected]
5 AVADI CRPF www.kvcrpfavadi.tn.nic.in [email protected]
6 AVADI HVF www.kvhvfavadi.tn.nic.in [email protected]
7 AVADI OCF www.kvocfavadi.tn.nic.in [email protected]
8 ANNA NAGAR www.kvannanagar.tn.nic.in [email protected]
9 DGQA www.kvdgqachennai.tn.nic.in [email protected]
10 ASHOK NAGAR www.kvashoknagar.com [email protected]
11 CLRI www.kvclrichennai.tn.nic.in [email protected]
12 GILL NAGAR www.kvgillnagarchennai.tn.nic.in [email protected]
13 IIT CAMPUS www.kviitchennai.tn.nic.in [email protected]
14 ISLAND GROUNDS www.kvislandgrounds.tn.nic.in [email protected]
15 MINAMBAKKAM www.kvminambakkam.tn.nic.in [email protected]
16 COIMBATORE www.kvcoimbatore.tn.nic.in [email protected]
17 DHARMAPURI www.kvdharmapuri.tn.nic.in [email protected]
18 DINDUGAL www.kvgandhigram.tn.nic.in [email protected]
19 KALPAKKAM No.1 www.kvkalpakkamone.tn.nic.in [email protected]
20 KALPAKKAM No.2 www.kv2kalpakkam.tn.nic.in [email protected]
21 KARAIKKAL* New KV yet to be created [email protected]
22 KARAIKUDI www.kvkaraikudi.tn.nic.in [email protected]
23 MADURAI No.1 www.kv1madurai.tn.nic.in [email protected]
24 MADURAI No.2 www.kv2madurai.tn.nic.in [email protected]
25 MANDAPAM www.kvmandapam.tn.nic.in [email protected]
26 NAGERCOIL www.kvnagercoil.tn.nic.in [email protected]
27 NEYVELI Yet to be created [email protected]
28 OOTACAMUND www.kvindunagar.tn.nic.in [email protected]
29 PERAMBALUR* www.kvperambalur.tn.nic.in [email protected]
30 PONDICHERRY No.1 www.kvno1jipmer.nic.in [email protected]
31 PONDICHERRY No.2 www.kvpucpdy.nic.in [email protected]
32 RAMESWARAM www.kvrameswaram.tn.nic.in [email protected]
33 SIVAGANGA www.kvsivaganga.tn.nic.in [email protected]
34 SULUR AFS www.kvsulur.org [email protected]
35 TAMBARAM No.1 www.kv1tambaram.tn.nic.in [email protected]
36 TAMBARAM No.2 www.kv2tambaram.tn.nic.in [email protected]
37 THANJAVUR AFS www.kvthanjavur.tn.nic.in [email protected]
38 THIRUVANNAMALAI www.kvtvmalai.tn.nic.in [email protected]
39 TRICHY No.1 www.kvtrichyone.tn.nic.in [email protected]
40 TRICHY No.2 www.kvtrichy2.tn.nic.in [email protected]
41 VIJAYANARAYANAM www.kvvijayanarayanam.tn.nic.in [email protected]
42 VIRUDHUNAGAR* www.kvvirudhunagar.tn.nic.in [email protected]
43 WELLINGTON www.kvwellington.tn.nic.in [email protected]