Stepping up Pay of Sr.Assts of CSS after 1.1.2006

 The Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) New Delhi, has  referred their O.M. No. 7/7/2008-CS-I (A) dated 22.10.2010 and 18.03.2011 regarding stepping up of Pay of Senior Assistants in CSS vis a vis  Notional Fixation of Pay.  Various doubts raised and the clarifications for each doubt have been enumerated as follows :

Doubt : Whether the grades of Assistants and SOs of CSS are centralized for the purpose of stepping up of pay allowed as per this Department's OM No. 7/7/2008-CS.I(A) dated 22.12.2010 and 18.03.2011?

Clarification :    Yes, For the two purpose as mentioned in the OM No. 7/7/2008-CS.I (A) dated 22.12.2010 and 18.03.2011, the cadres of the grades of Assistants and SOs are centralized.

Doubt :  Whether the Notional fixation of pay allowed in the grades of Assistants and SOs of CCS of certain Select List vide this Departments' OM No. 6/3/2009-CS.I (S) dated 09.07.2010 is mandatory or optional ?    

Clarification :The section Officers/Assistants are allowed an option to have their pay fixed from the date of their actual promotion or from 1st July of the Select List year. The option would apply to all such officers covered by the OM No. 6/3/2009-CS.I (S) dated 09.07.2010, irrespective of the fact whether they are included in the Select List from Seniority or the Departmental Exam stream.

Doubt :Whether pay of the SOs of CSS belonging to LDCE quota for the years 2004 and 2005 who actually took charge as Section Officers after 2.1.2006, but were working as regular Assistants on 02.01.2006 is to be stepped up with that of Shri. Rajen Kabui who was appointed as adhoc Assistant w.e.f.02.01.2006 ?

 Clarification :Claims of Section Officers who opt to have their pay fixed in the grade of Section Officers from the date of actual appointment for stepping up of pay may be examined in the light of instructions already issued by this Department / Department of Expenditure vide OM No.7/7/2008-CS.I (A) dated  22.12.2010 and 18.03.2011.

For complete details, download the OM No. 7/7/2008-CS-I (A) dated 09.11.2011.

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