Preparation of panel of PPS for Select List Year 2010

The Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) has referred their  OMs dated 11/8/2011, 23/9/2011, 24/10/2011 and 2/11/2011 wherein  the  Vigilance Clearance & Major/Minor Penalty certificate for the last ten years in respect of PPS(ad-hoc)/PSs who are likely to be in the zone of consideration for regular promotion to the grade of PPS for the select List Year 2010 were called for from Cadre Units.   The DOPT had also requested the Cadre Units/Individuals concerned to certify that the APAR/ACR for the year 2008-2009 has been seen by the concerned officer and the officer has nothing to represent against the final grading given by the Reporting Officer.

 The DOPT has noted that inspite of lapse of considerable time, some of the cadre units/individuals had not furnished  the information, which is required to be forwarded to UPSC for preparation of panel of PPS for SL year 2010.

Therefore,  all cadres units/concerned individuals have been  requested to send the requisite information and also contact the retired officers for obtaining the APAR certificate urgently.

For full details, download the DOPT OM No. 5/26/2010-CS.II dated 23.11.2011

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