CGHS Cards – Procedure

Central Government Health Scheme – Procedure for issuing CGHS Cards

Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) is a welfare scheme to take care of health of Central Government Employees and Pensioners residing at  selected cities in India. Central Government Employees and Pensioners residing in 24 cities are benefited by this scheme.

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As one of the procedures,  a card is issued to persons entitled for CGHS treatment which is known as CGHS card.  Production of the CGHS Card is obligatory at every visit to enable correct  identification of the patient and to prevent misuse of card.

The following is the frequently asked questions on issue of CGHS cards.

1 I am a pensioner, How do I avail
CGHS facilities
One    get a CGHS card made from the
office of AD / JD of the City
2 How do I get the forms for CGHS
Forms can be downloaded from CGHS
Website or can be taken from office of
AD / JD of city between 1000 am to
1230 pm
3 What are the documents required
for getting Pensioners CGHSCard
Application in prescribed format
Proof of Residence
Proof of Stay of dependents
Proof of age of son
Disability certificate, if any in case of
sons aged 25 & above , who would
otherwise cease to be a beneficiary.
Photos of eligible family members
Surrender  Certificate  of   CGHS  Card
while in service ( only in those cases
where CGHS Card was issued while in
Attested  copies of PPO & Last Pay
Draft for required amount towards
CGHS contribution – in the name of
`P.A.O., CGHS New Delhi’ in Delhi-and
in the name of ‘AD, CGHS of the city’.
In case PPO is not ready for any reason
there is option to get a provisional card
on the basis of Last Pay Certificate.
4 Are CGHS facilities free of cost There is a contribution to be paid to
become a member of CGHS
5 What are the rates of contribution
for CGHS ?
How to pay the contribution ?
For serving employees residing in
CGHS covered area obtaining CGHS
card is compulsory
Deduction from salary is made by the
department, every month, depending
upon their pay
Pensioners who want to avail CGHS
facilities   can   make   contribution
either on yearly basis or one time (
ten yrs ) contribution for whole life
The rate of contribution is given in
separate table – New CGHS
Payment can be made by Demand
Draft in favour of” P.A.O. CGHS Delhi”
if in Delhi or” Additional Director of
the CGHS City”
6 What are the timings to submit
the   Application forms  for   CGHS
1000 am to 1230 pm
7 What are the criteria for
Entitlement of Treatment endorsed
on CGHS Card like General ward /
Semi-Pvt ward or Pvt. Ward in
CGHS Empanelled Hospitals
Endorsement  of         entitlement  for
general/semi-    private/private   ward
facility is done according to their basic
pay/pension plus dearness pay/pension
as     per    OM        11011/2/2008/CGHS(P)
dated 20th May 2009.
General   Ward   upto    Rs.13950/-   in
revised scales(6 CPC)
Semi -Private Rs.13960 to Rs.19530/-
Private ward Rs.19540 and above
8 I have lost my CGHS Pensioner
Token card. What should I do to
get a Duplicate Card
Application is to be submitted to AD/JD
along with with a copy of FIR, and two
photographs and a IPO for Rs. 5/-
In case of Plastic Card IPO for   Rs.50
shall be submitted.
Indian Postal Order payable to” P.A.O.
CGHS Delhi” if in Delhi or” Additional
Director of the CGHS City”
9 am a serving employee residing in
a    place close to a      city covered
under CGHS. Can I get CGHS card
issued   from  the   nearest  CGHS
10 I am a pensioner and I stay in an
area not covered under CGHS. I
get Rs.100 as medical allowance
with   pension.  Can   I   get   CGHS
facilities? What is the procedure?
Do   I   have   to   get   the   medical
allowance discontinued ?
You  can  obtain  CGHS facilities from
nearest CGHS covered city.
If you avail Rs.100/- for OPD medicines
– CGHS card shall be issued only for
indoor treatment.
If you opt to forego medical allowance
of Rs. 100 a certificate from concerned
authorities  (like  Bank)  that   medical
allowance has been discontinued shall
be submitted   before you   can  obtain
CGHS    cards    from    nearest    CG HS
covered city for both OPD medicines &
indoor treatment.
11 If I am a CGHS city card holder
and   my family members go to
other CGHS covered city what is
the procedure of treatment for my
family members
Temporary authority is issued by the
respective Department for the family
members for their treatment in another
CGHS covered city.
12 I am    a   pensioner and  reside in Pitampura in North Delhi in Delhi.
Can     I     get     my    CGHS   Card
registered    at    Vivek    Vihar   in
eastern part of NCR
No. Card is to be registered in the CGHS
WC nearest to your residence
13 I am a pensioner and had my card
registered at RK Puram Sector 8
dispensary in   1999.   Now I have
shifted to Dwarka. Can I be forced
to shift my dispensary
CGHS   card is registered at the CGHS
WC    nearest  to   the       residence   of
pensioner beneficiary.
However   ,     if    a    card    is    already
registered  at   a   particular dispensary
there   is   no  compulsion to   shift  to
another dispensary in case of change of
14 My husband/wife is also employed
under Central Government and is
eligible for a separate CGHS Card.
Is it necessary that separate cards
are to be obtained?
Spouse drawing higher pay shall make
the card and other spouse is eligible to
avail CGHS benefits as member
15 I   retired from  service/took VRS.
However, I have not yet received
my PPO. How can I get a CGHS
Card made as I need medicines
regularly   for   treatment  of    my
In case PPO is not ready for any reason
there   is   provision to  get   provisional
card for six months only , on the basis
of Last Pay Certificate.
16 I have retired from    Delhi. Now I
want to settle at city where no
CGHS facility is available . How to
cover my family for medical care?
Pensioners eligible for CGHS facilities
can    get   the   CGHS  card   from  the
nearest CGHS covered city
17 I    retired  in   1998   from  Central
Govt. but, I never made a CGHS
card. Can I get a card now?
18 Can    a    beneficiary  avail   CGHS
facility if he resides in an area not
covered by WC
For pensioners ,Yes
Serving   employees  shall  be   covered
under CS(MA) Rules
19 I am CGHS beneficiary at Kanpur.
Visiting Mumbai for 6 months
Can I get CGHS facilities at
Mum bai
Can same card of Kanpur continue
or a separate card to be made
From where to get permission for
the same
No,   pensioners shall approach AD of
visiting city with copy of his card for
obtaining  temporary  permit to   avail
CGHS facilities.
In   case   of serving    employees  such
temporary   permit  is   issued  by   his
parent department.
20 What is the procedure for getting
dispensary          changed           for
Serving/Pensioners card holders?
CM0 I/c shall do the needful.
In computerized dispensaries the Data
of     beneficiaries   is    transferred   to
another dispensary. The dispensary
where the card is transferred accepts
the Data transfer.
In non-Computerized dispensary, CM0
i/c issues a transfer letter along with
Serving   employees  –    Apply through
the department, concerned
Pensioners – Apply directly to CM0 I/c
of WC
21 My husband retired in 2002. He
was paying CGHS subscription
every year. After his death can I
get Card on my name. Do have I
to pay extra
Shall I get Life Time Valid card
Yes, card can be made in the name of
spouse    on   submission  of    required
No extra payment to be made, in case
of life time cards.
However in other cases one has to pay
10 years subscription for life time card
For      example,    if    the    spouse   had
contributed for seven years before he
expired   ,    balance  payment  for  the
remaining three years is to be paid for
a life time card.
Documents required
i)     Application in prescribed format
ii)    Proof of Family Pension with its
break                   up   components                             from
iii) Prescribed contribution, if the
card                  is    not   for   whole   life
Photos of eligible members.
22 My husband retired from Central
Government but, no CGHS card
was made as a pensioner. I am
drawing family pension. Can I get
pensioners’ CGHS Card now ?
23 My father / hiusband was a CGHS
pensioner Card holder. He died last
month.  Can   I   still  avail   CGHS
facilities ?
CGHS pensioner card is issued in the
name of dependent getting the family
pension, by AD / JD of the city
Documents required
iv)   Application in prescribed format
v)    Proof of Family Pension with its
break                   up   components                             from
vi) Prescribed contribution, if the
card                  is    not   for   whole   life
vii) Photos of eligible members.
24 Who is competent to delete name
of sons who have crossed age of
25 years
CM0 I/c of Wellness centre
In    computerized  dispensaries  ,    the
system          automatically         blocks
25 Who   is   competent  to   transfer CM0 I/c of Wellness centre
pensioner card from one WC to
26 I am an IAS officer and my
husband an IPS officer. We are
both belong to AP Cadre and now
posted in Delhi on deputation. In
whose name card to be made ?
Will both pay CGHS subscription ?
One   spouse  with  higher  salary  can
make card and other spouse can have
CGHS   facilities   on   same   card    as
Only the spouse in whose name the
card    is    issued       shall   pay    CGHS
27 I am an IPS officer and my wife,
an IAS officer. Both of us belong to
AP Cadre and now posted in Delhi
on deputation. I am in Central
Govt. but my wife is with Delhi
Govt. Can I have our children
names in my CGHS Card while my
wife can have facilities from Delhi
28 After retirement in 2007 I got a
Life time Pensioner CGHS card
made in Delhi. Now I am shifting
to Dehradoon. Can I use the same
Do I pay again
No, CGHS Card is to be      surrendered
in   the   office   of   AD-HQ  Delhi,     a
surrender certificate and NOC are to be
obtained and a fresh card shall have to
be obtained from the       office of JD-
No extra fee to be paid, if the card is
for life time
29 I have a CGHS Pensioner card. My
daughter has got married. Whom
should I report to get her name
deleted from card
CM0 I/c of the Wellness Centre
30 I got a Lifetime pensioner CGHS
Card made in 2007. Now in 2009 I
wish to surrender CGHS card.
Shall I get balance amount of
subscription refunded
31 I live in Gurgaon but my office is in
Saket. Can I avail facilities from
both the places because it is
convenient for me
Department   issues   CGHS   Card    at
dispensary    as     per    the   residential
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