Supply of Medicines under CGHS

Supply of Medicines from Wellness Centres

  • Medicines prescribed by CGHS doctors/specialists, which are available in Wellness Center are supplied immediately.
  • If the same composition (chemical salt), similar strength, and same therapeutic value are available in the Wellness Center under a different brand name/generic name, the same will be supplied against the prescription.
  • Supply of vitamins/minerals/antioxidants prescribed by the specialist will be restricted to CGHS formulary medicines.
  • Products classified as Dietary Supplements/food items, cosmetics etc. are not admissible for supply by CGHS.
  • Medicines that are otherwise admissible but are not accessible in the Wellness Center’s store will be ordered from an Authorized Local Chemist (ALC) and will typically be distributed the following business day after receipt from the ALC. These indented medications must be collected by the beneficiary no later than 15 days from the date of the indent.
  • Chronic disease medications may be issued for a period of three months at a time by any CGHS physician upon receipt of a valid prescription from a specialist.
  • If the beneficiary intends to go overseas, medications prescribed may be supplied for up to six months at a time with the Addl. Director’s consent and upon presentation of an application accompanied by a copy of the beneficiary’s valid prescription, CGHS Card, and proof of travel.
  • All the medicines including ALC supplied medicines will be issued throughout the duty hours of the Wellness center.
  • For collection of indented medicines registration in the Wellness Centre is not required

Authorizing Beneficiaries to Purchase Medicines

The beneficiary must be authorised by the CMO I/C to acquire medications prescribed to him and receive reimbursement if the medication was not indented through an Authorized Local Chemist (ALC). The CGHS beneficiary will be authorised to obtain the same from any other chemist and will file the following claim for reimbursement:

  • In case of serving beneficiary, the claim will be verified by the concerned CMO I/C of the WC and forwarded to the Additional Director (AD) of the Zone/ City. The AD will maintain a record of the claims and the medical claim will be forwarded to the concerned serving department for payment.
  • In case of pensioners, the beneficiary will submit the claim for reimbursement to CGHS.

The empanelled hospital will supply essential medicines for 7 days, on discharge of a CGHS beneficiary.

Issuance of Restricted Medicines

Restricted medicines include chemotherapy medicines for cancer and other medicines
as enumerated in the “restricted drugs” list of CGHS. This list is available in under
„circulars‟. When restricted medicines like those for cancer and other such conditions
are prescribed the following procedure is to be followed:-

  1. An authority slip for MSD/ AD of the city will be issued from the wellness center for the restricted drugs on the specialist prescription.
  2. This authority slip along with following documents (all duly verified by CMO I/C) are to be submitted at MSD/AD‟s office.
    • Application to AD forwarded by CMO I/C
    • Copy of specialist prescription/discharge summery(Emergency cases) indicating restricted drugs
    • Copies of investigation reports
    • Permission letter for treatment in CGHS recognized hospital
    • Photocopy of CGHS card
    • Utilization certificate (This is required when the same medicines have been issued earlier also. The certificate in case of orally administered medicines can be given by the beneficiary himself and for those administered parentally certificate from CMO I/C or treating specialist is required.)
    • Person (If not beneficiary himself) who is to collect these medicines must carry authorization letter, the original CGHS card and his photo I/D