Chances of implementation of 7th Pay Commission report in FY 2016-17

Chances of implementation of 7th Pay Commission report in FY 2016-17 – Budget 2015 documents indicates

“7th Pay Commission impact may have to be absorbed in 2016-17” – Says Medium Term Fiscal Policy papers presented by Finance Minister

Budget 2015 documents such as Para 12 and 42 of Medium Term Fiscal Policy for further 3 years, and Para 23 of Fiscal Road Map indicate the Chances of implementation of 7th Pay Commission in the Financial Year 2016-17.

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7th CPC was formed in February 2014 with the time of 18 months for submission of its report. We could also see that 7CPC is already in full swing in examining the pay structure and service conditions of various cadres of Central Government Employees, Railway Employees and Defence Services personnel.

It has conducted as many as 38 meetings with organisations that represent employees, servicemen and pensioners at many places in India. Oral evidences of leading federations such as Confederation of Central Government Employees, AIRF, NFIR etc are also to be recorded soon as possible. As such we may expect that 7th Pay Commission may submit its report in time. Sixth Pay Commission also submitted its report within stipulated time of 18 months

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Estimation of 7th Pay Commission pay and allowances as on 01.01.2016

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DA of central government employees has already crossed 100%. Previous Pay Commissions have merged entire DA with pre revised pay and also provided fitment benefit up to 40%. In these lines, we may expect that 7th CPC pay would be at least 2.5 times of Pre revised pay as on 01.01.2016. As DA rate would start at Nil rate once 7th Pay Commission is implemented, net increase in pay of Central Government Employees including Railways is expected to be 40%.

Considering the recent pay hike of 15% approved for Bank Employees in the recent Bipartite Wage Settlement which is due every four years, 40% pay hike for Central Government Employees can be rightly justified since their pay revision is due evey ten years.

While Govt is yet accept the 6th CPC’s recommendations for Performance Related Increment System (PRIS), 14th Finance Commission has recently recommended for productivity based Pay Fixation. In these circumstances it is up to 7th Pay Commission to moot out performance based pay fixation for Central Government Employees.

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