7th Pay Commission Pay and Allowances Estimation – GConnect Calculator

7th Pay Commission Pay and Allowances Estimation – GConnect Calculator to Estimate 7th CPC Pay bands, Pay in Pay Band, HRA and TA

Update 21.11.2015 : 7th Pay Commission report has been released now.  GConnect has launched 7th Pay Commission report Pay and Allowances calculator on the basis of pay fixation methods recommended by 7th CPC.

7th Pay Commission Pay and Allowances Estimation - GConnect Calculator

7th Pay Commission Report Pay and Allowances Calculator for Civilian Employees in Central Government

7th Pay Commission Pay and Allowances Calculator for New 7CPC Pay, HRA and TA as per the methods recommended for Central Government Civilian Employees. Find your 7th CPC Pay and Allowances Now.

Official Finance Ministry Press Release on Recommendations of 7th Pay Commission

Transport Allowance recommended by 7th pay Commission

HRA recommended by 7th Pay Commission

New 7th Pay Commission Pay Structure, Pay fixation method and fitment Formula

7th Pay Commission Pay and Allowances Calculator for New 7CPC Pay, HRA and TA as per the methods recommended for Central Government Civilian Employees

We have 7th Pay Commission Report in black and white now. The Commission has done away with the Pay Band – Grade Pay System for various reasons. A new Pay Matrix system introduced by the commission contains as many as 18 horizontal levels to take care of fixation of pay on MACP or Promotion. The vertical range for each of these 18 levels is meant for fixation of pay by providing annual increment. Taking all these aspects in to account GConnect has come up with 7th Pay Commission Pay and Allowances Calculator to determine 7th Pay Commission Pay, HRA and TA of Central Government Civilian Employees.

How to fix Pay of existing Employees in the 7th CPC Pay Matrix System ?

Step 1: Identify Basic Pay (Pay in the pay band plus Grade Pay) drawn by an employee as on the date of implementation. This figure is ‘A’.

Step 2: Multiply ‘A’ with 2.57, round-off to the nearest rupee, and obtain result ‘B’.

Step 3: The figure so arrived at, i.e., ‘B’ or the next higher figure closest to it in the Level assigned to his/her grade pay, will be the new pay in the new pay matrix. In case the value of‘B’ is less than the starting pay of the Level, then the pay will be equal to the starting pay of that level.

Checkout this link for more details on 7th Pay Commission Pay Fixation Methods

HRA and Transport Allowance for Central Government Employees as recommended by 7th Pay Commission

HRA @ 24%, 16%, and 8% have been proposed for X, Y and Z class cities respectively. 7th Pay Commission has also recommended for enhancement of HRA while DA crosses 50% and 100%. As far as Transport Allowance is concerned, there is no increase. DA @ 125% has been merged with existing Transport Allowance

HRA recommended by 7th Pay Commission

Transport Allowance recommended by 7th pay Commission

How to use GConnect 7th Pay Commission Report Pay and Allowances Calculator ?

1. In the 6CPC Pay Entry Form, select the present pay band / Grade pay.

2. Enter your present pay in pay band, which will be the applicable 6CPC Pay as on 01.01.2016.

3. Select present 6CPC HRA percentage

4. Select the city in which you are posted for determining New TA

5. Click Calculate Button. Now New 7CPC Pay and Salary Benefit out of 7CPC wil be displayed in the 7CPC pay and allowance Table.

6. Click Show Entry Form Button to get the 6CPC Pay entry form back in the screen for using the calculator again.

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  1. Nothing is mentioned about the pensioners. How it would help the pensioners.? Pensioners, especially, the recipient of the lowest amount, with lot of commitments, undergo immense sufferings. I am a pensioner and would like to be favorably dealt with. Could you advise me on this?

  2. It is a good estimation but I would like to draw your kind attention towards the fixation formula of 6th pay commission. The multiplying factor was 1.86 but the new term as grade pay was almost 40 % of pay scale was also added in the pay in the pay band to arrive at basic pay. You have considered the multiplying factor as 2.24, that is O. K. what is additional consideration.? Moreover if we consider total basic pay say X as on Jan 2016, the DA becomes 2.24 times of X. What is additional gain to be given by seventh pay commission which we expect.

  3. starting pay of the promotee and the entry of the direct recruit must be same else there will be scope of pay anomaly. one should try to strive away from what has happened in 6th pay commission. if similar thing happens then why pay commission.


  5. You are also requested to revised as per market rate or otherwise closed the following allowance like PMHA, Rum allowance, Bonus and outfit allowance during the recommendation of 7th pay commission. If you are recommended the same, please recommend as per market rate. The dresses or other items issued by ordinance stores is not good, these clothing is not as per soldier standard, items issue from ordinance depot not recommended in lieu recommended the dress allowance as per market rate and revise time to time

  6. i dont have any comments in 7th pay commission but, plz see also old pension schemes for new employees, because i am deducting 10% from salary but where it is depositing we dont know and we are not receiving any statementa also


  8. What will be the prospect of prisoners after announcement of 7th pay commission? After going through all available data I was was not possible to ascertain the benefit of pensioners.

  9. i want the detail about the 7 pay commision ani am get basic pay Rs 3500 and the 7 th pay commision how many the will give for me and how could they help in7th pay commision and howmany pay salary we can get

  10. Dear sir I am joining the Central government company on nov 10th 2014 .. I can also get 7th pay commission .pls answer sir

  11. Estimated 7th CPC Pay Band as on 1st January 2016
    does not show as shown in the 7cpc table while calculating it takes one low pay band for calculation.
    Please correct and cross check with the 7cpc table.
    This if for the grade pay 5400 – PB3 band

  12. gconnect-7CPC calculator. :

    Estimated 7th CPC Pay Band as on 1st January 2016 does not show as shown in the 7cpc table while calculating it takes one low pay band for calculation. Please correct and cross check with the 7cpc table. This if for the grade pay 5400 – PB3 band

    1. Lower pay in pay band is the pay as on jan 2016. But when we enter the same pay in the calculator it is the pay as on july 2014. So one increment due in july 2015 will be given before calculating 7cpc pay. Pl check and give feedback

  13. Sie I request to you that you reopen the old pansan plan for gov employ. Because new pansan plan arenot starting on some department on state government so I requested you to give the old pansan to all government employ thanks

  14. The figure arrived at in ‘HRA on 6th CPC Pay as on 1st Jan 2016’ is incorrect. Consequently the figures in ‘6CPC Pay as on 1st Jan 2016 inclusive of GP, HRA and TA’ and ‘Increase in Pay and allowances’ is incorrect.

  15. My Pay in Pay band is 18750 and GP is 6600.
    By the calculator the estimated TA by 6th CPC on 1st Jan 2016 will be Rs. 7296 which is accurate considering one increment in July 2015
    but its showing 7 CPC TA will be Rs. 10496.
    It is not as per formula mentioned by you.
    New 7th CPC Transport Allowance = Two times of existing 6th CPC Transport Allowance + 128% DA Component on 6th CPC Transport Allowance

    1. New 7th CPC Transport Allowance = Two times of existing 6th CPC Transport Allowance + 128% DA Component on 6th CPC Transport Allowance
      =(3200*2)+ 128% of 3200

  16. sevent pay mai sabhi paramillitary force ko jyada jyada benefit diya jaaye
    1) CL 15 days ko 28 days kiya jaye
    2) railway warrant free kiya jaye

  17. What is concept about annual increment in this 7th cpc n how we can calculate if we get 4 increment b4 this cpc then what is my basic pay?

    1. As per this calculator your 7th cpc estimated pay in pay band is 15440-49640
      Grade pay is 9000
      Pay in pay band as on 1.1.2016 is estimated as 31090
      you have not provided present HRA and TA to calculate the 7cpc HRA and TA

  18. How the Pay Band 15600-39100 GP 6600 is projected to be 44020-97600 GP 24300. It is not clear properly.
    Please explain.
    After 6th CPC 800-275-13500 was converted to 15600-39100 GP 5400 are you following the same pattern ?

  19. Indian Army’s Store Keeper Technical and clerks should be in X-group. Their working hours is more than any other store keepers/clerks in Central Govt so you must consider their working hours and nature of duty. they need to work even though holidays and off hours without any compliant.

    Mixing of Store Keeper Technical and clerks in Indian army with old Z group is degrading their quality to their qualification criteria

  20. sir my present BP is 8130 and GP 1900 HRA 10% TA 800 SCRLA 2000
    kindly calculate my BP GP HRA DA TA and SCRLA for 7th CPC.

  21. sir I rqstd to you pl fwd my few lines to 7th CPC about new pay band and promotion scheme.
    that sir my present post is sepoy mason in paramilitery BRO I have complete 14 yrs svc but no any promotion and financial benefit given in 6th CPC neither has channel for upgrade to overseer was ended by CPC and rs 100 increase into my Gradepay after 10 years svc. I asked with 7th CPC what was the right decesion taken by 6thcpc.
    one another different between my grade pay 1800 but other central govt mason in railway or cpwd and others the grade pay 1900
    so that sir please check and same pay band regularise for all central govt employees at one rank or post and review case for promote overseer otherwise give respectable benefits in half of promotion.

  22. In 6th CPC all ‘Z’ Gp were brought to ‘Y’ Gp without scaling their education while enrolement, If so, why the SKT/ CLK is being asked to be 10+2 while enrolement, they should be also enrolled as 7th Pass as the ‘Z’ Gp persons are enrolled. It is seen that all the lower Gp entry’s are upgraded but SKT/ CLK’s are downgraded so as possible, if so delete this trade for the forces and make all the armd forces in one category. No ‘X’ No ‘Y’ No ‘Z’. make a 7th pass also a SKT/ Clk and let them do the work.. There is not more much time that SKT/ Clk will leave the service at the minimum as possible…………

  23. Dear G Connect team, In para 3.8.15 of 6 cpc there wasn’t mentioned about the pay scale and grade pay of Auxiliary Nursing Midwife (ANM) in nursing cadre, please indicate the payband and grade pay distinctly in 7 cpc.

  24. Sir,in my 17 yrs of service looked that my colligues with carpenters trades in BRO r taking same salary whether they r 5th pass,8th to.BA, MA, ITI ( Some diploma holder after getting / joining in BRO ) They r taking only Rs.100/-after 10 year. All r taking same salaries. Rs.25000-26000/-
    Sir,Army pension r serving with us in same place, same duty in same risk but difference. In salary is more Rs.10000/-of our total salary. It ashamed us.some says u r. Adopted because u have no your head of department. Sir,If it runs as it is , not good. It seems It happen only in India. Sir I have no hope to change this “adopted” word or all r equal or not. Tell me what is the future of educated person whose whole service gone to low salary and in his trade work. Reply in serious plzz. Thanks for giving time.

  25. SIR,



  26. Why those who placed in the PB +GP 9300-34800+5400 to be awarded as GP of Rs.13500 in 7th CPC is it correct? What about LDC/UDC Grade Pay in 7th CPC

  27. Sir, Please clarify the HRA and transport allowance rates. On which basis the calculator calculating it. Please clarify. So we can also understood and learnt how to calculate it.

    1. Explanations for estimation of HRA and transport allowance rates are given in the article itself. Pl go through

  28. dear experts pl clarify the following doubt.



  29. Dear sir,please show the estimated Table for fitment in 7th cpc for the pre 2006 pensioners as was shown in the 6th CPC.


  30. sunil noted your pay after 7th pay as on calculator as follows 31090+9000gradepay =40090 HRA 12027 TA 5248 TOTAL=57365 AS 30% HRA

  31. In HRA calculator you have not given HRA as nil whereas many govt. employees are drawing no HRA owing to govt. accommodation. Rest is OK.

  32. respected sar,
    my basic pay is 8760 and Gpay is 2000 and my joing date is 15-04-2006 after 7th pay commision my basis and Gpay on 15-04-2016

  33. sir my basic pay is 7500rs
    grade pay 2000rs
    DA 13220
    what will be my total payment in 7th pay commiission in 1. 1. 2016
    plzzzz reply jaroor denaaa aaapkaa reply pehle bhi nahi aayaa thaa.
    thanks time jaroor denaa

  34. hello sir
    I am sachin
    I joined in 4 July 2014 In patwari and at persent my basic pay are 5200-20200 ± 2100 G. P and Is total seleary 19000 . Pls tell me what is my salery after 7 Th pay commision

  35. respected sir my band pay 9990 including g/pay with 2400 how should be my pay in 7th pay comission mail me ?????????

  36. as per 6th pay comision on 31.12.15, my basic pay 8440, grade pay 2000.hra 10%. My qus. Is what my salary on 01.01.2016 as per 7th comision. Kindly clarify my ans. Pls sir.

  37. Is any old pension plan will be applicable for security forces as per seventh pay commission

  38. Sir please calculate my 7 th pay scale. the details are noted below
    Grade pay :2400
    DA:- 130001
    HRA:- NIL(Allotted railway quarter)

  39. Sir I m newly appointed postal assistant in Jaipur city Rajasthan , please tell me my net starting salary of first month…….

  40. Sir/medam my basic pay is Rs 8900 Rs 2400 tptl Rs 800 ms pay Rs 2000 total salary according to 6the pay commission is approx Rs 32500 plz tell me how will be total salary in 7th pay commission

  41. My pay in band 11000 and gp 2400 msp 2000 x proup pay 1400 what will be pay after 7th pay commission? Thanks.

  42. hi sir my apoinment in 18feb2009 And my basic pay 6330 And my grad pay is 1800 total 8130 And my hra 365 To sir mari selary keya hoge plz sir

  43. At present Officers in armed forces are already taking too much payment for their job except pilots
    Payment of officer should be only 30% gratter then the Person below officer ranks (PBORs) payment

  44. sir i am a basic teacher pay band pay 9300-34800 grade pay 4600 basic pay 18560 hra 920 my joing date 02-01-2006 after 7th pay commision my baic and gradep pay on 01-01-2016

  45. Sir my father expired during service in 1992 as a warrant officer , completed 31 years of service in Air Force.

    At present my mother is drawing only 10500 Rs total,
    Sir I want to know how much she will get after after pay commission in Jan 2016.

  46. Sir I have one humble request plz cancel the old pension scheme and also continue old pension scheme.calculation of 7th Cpc is very good improve for low salary employees

    1. sir at presentmy basic is 28970 grade pay 7600 and D.A.IS 107% what is the situation as on after 7th cpc. pls tell me on my email.

  47. Sir, I am an ETT Teacher in Punjab and my Pay scale is 10300-34800 GP is 4200. The required qualification for ETT is +2 with two years ETT Diploma.
    where as for Drawing Master Pay Scale is 10300-34800 GP is 4600 Required Qualification is same as +2 and Two Years Diploma in Art & Craft. Sir when the required Qualification for both posts is same than why there is difference in Grade Pay. Grade Pay for both cedars should be same i.e.4600/-
    Viney Vohra
    ETT Teacher,
    Govt. of Punjab
    MA, B.Ed.,PGDCA.

  48. sir
    I am serving in BSF (paramiltry force ) was serve 22 years service and my pay detais are as under Band pay -11580 and Grade pay -4200 total Badic. pay -15780 as on 1st july2014.pse tell me my pay fixed as on 1st jan 2016 as per 7th CPC calculator how much total basic pay. how ever new recruitment pers more pay gatting from old pers .pse sir reply in this regards

  49. Respected Sir
    My DOJ 1.6.1997. My MACP due on 2007 n given on sept 2008 with next grade pay of 4200 that is is not my promotional grade pay as 4600.
    In 5th pay committee gave next promotion grade pay that was beneficial for everyone but in 6th pay commission we get next grade pay .now in 7th pay commission grade n pay calculated pay on 2015.that create financial loss.pl do the needful.
    1st loss=late fixation on sept 2008
    2nd=getting next grade pay instead of promotional gradepay

  50. Respected sir. It is suggested that macp should be granted on promotional grade pay and not grade pay hirachy as recommended by previous pay commision.

  51. The 7CPC estimate calculator is not covering the pay band of S-24 onwards i.e. PB-4 with pay band of Rs.37400 to 67000. If that can be added then it will be better. Thanks

    1. GConnect 7th CPC Calculator can estimate 7cpc pay of pay band S-24 upwards. Pl check now and provide us feedback. These scales were earlier mentioned as 15600-39100 in the dropdown field. Now it has been corrected. Thanks for sharing this issue

    1. Dear sir,your information is incomplete.To know your salary acording to 7th pay commision please specyfy
      2.basicpay and gradepay
      3.rate of HRA
      you can calculate by filling these fields on given tool on this site.As per given information and assume HRA 10% AND TA 1600 YOUR 7TH PAY SALARY MAY BE 59350

  52. Sir,
    I will retire from army on jun 2016, I want to know my pension on Jun 2016,detail as under,
    Basic pay+grade pay+ms pay is 13781+4200+2000 = 19981

    1. All diploma holders in army are in x group except diploma in general nursing of army medical corps,which is the largest diploma ie 42 months duration plz do something to bring this diploma in x group

  53. respected sir my band pay 10210 including g/pay with 2400 how should be my pay in 7th pay comission mail me

    1. Dear sir january2015 my basic. Pay 11680 and grade pay 2800 so please confirm after7th cpc how much my total salary with da

  54. Sir gp x air craft technical person should come in pay band 2 they have more work load do something for them

  55. com
    Sir in Indian air aircraft technicians work very hard,under lots of pressure ,continue from morning to night most of time and air force engineers don’t know anything more than any lower rank technician but they know to harass technicians but technicians payment is very less than them and my technical allowance is only 1400/- .so please try to increase technicians payment approx equal to air force engineers

  56. In Scientific departments, there should be a differential pay structure for doctorates and non-doctorates. Ph.D holders join late after working 5 to 6 years in an University. Hence all Ph. D Holders should be given atleast 2 increments.

    Non-Professional Allowance should be extended to Engineering Ph.D holders too in Scientific departments.

  57. section officers should be given a better gp compared to assistants. 4800 gp should be discontinues and all SOs should be given 5400 GP.
    and subsequently upgraded in 7th cpc to avid discrimination.

  58. Sir please calculate my 7 th pay scale. the details are noted below
    Grade pay :2800
    DA:- 17109
    HRA:- 1599

  59. This calculation by this GConnect is absurd and based on no proper reason but on assumptions. Pay in Pay Band includes Pay plus Grade Pay. If we enter the Pay (without Grade Pay) we get one result. If we enter Pay (including Grade Pay) we get another result, which is not the case with other websites. Sorry for pointing out.

    1. Thanks for your interest in GConnect. With regard to your comments in gconnect about 7th CPC pay and allowances calculator, we would like give following reply.

      1. Pay in pay band means your pay in a particular pay band and it is not inclusive of Grade Pay.

      2. Grade pay need not be entered in the calculator by the user. Once Pay band / Pay scale is selected, system would be taking in to account the relevant grade pay applicable.

      3. This calculator is purely based on assumptions. It is clearly given in the explanation that estimation is based on assumptions. Please note that these assumptions are based on methods adopted by 6th pay commission.

      4. For different values of pay in pay band entered by user, estimated 7th cpc pay will be different. This is not a flaw but the very purpose of this calculator.

      Thanks for your feedback. Pl provide your views to make this calculator more better

      With regards
      GConnect Team

  60. Sir please calculate my 7 th pay scale. the details are noted below
    Grade pay :4200

  61. Sir today my band pay is 7090& gread pay is 1900 hra 10% & ta 400 so what is my net salary in 7 th pay

  62. sir i am serving in paramilatary force i.e bsf since jan 2000 my band pay 9530/- grade pay 2400/- including all allowence my grass pay 32000/ – per month getting . what will be getting after 7th cpc grass salary plz inform me sir….

      GRADE PAY–8200/-
      PAY BAND–14320-47320

  63. sir
    pay comission should have surprise visit in defence unit than only reality will be known to them.who is working more or what he is getting in turn.

  64. Please check Transport Allowance in 6th pay Commission, As per in pay scale 37400-67000 with GP 10000 TA was 7000+Da. Accordingly calculation will be changed.

    1. We have updated 7CPC Calculator to include transport allowance of Rs. 7000. pl go through and provide your feedback. Thanks for your sharing your views.

  65. after the Gservants.com news of July, 16, 2015, it is quite clear that Gconnect.in is well ahead of others on assuming 7th CPC Basic Pay calculation. the Gservant.com quoted the multiplication factor as 2.86. in your most of the calculations is is almost perfect. we are yet to know what breakup 7th CPC may come up with on the multiplication factor and how that will be arrived but your logics seems quite reasonable. to me 21000 as minimum and 2.86 as multiplication factor is a gift considering previous commissions and their backgrounds.

  66. As per this calculator your 7th cpc estimated pay in pay band is 5200-20200
    Grade pay is 1800
    Pay in pay band as on 1.1.2016 is estimated as 6580
    you have not provided present HRA and da to calculate the 7cpc HRA and da

    1. What do you mean by present HRA and DA? This calculator takes care of HRA and DA

  67. Sir i’m serving in indian coast guard with a grade pay 4600 and BP 11960, what will be my Bp and GP after 7th pay commission

    1. Sir,

      You are under consideration of DP. Your estimated pay structure will be as follows:

      Basic Pay – 2,70,000
      Grade Pay – 90,000
      HRA – As per city
      TPT – 10,000
      Total anticipated salary: 4,10,000

      In case of any clarification, please contact 1800-2530-8080 (Toll free)



  68. Dear Sirs,

    I am working as Sr.Accountant with Indian Audit and Accounts Department. I was appointed as Accounts Clerk and gradually promoted to the present post with a grade pay of Rs.4600 (ACP). Sr.Accountants grade pay is Rs.4200 at the beginning and after getting ACP it comes to Rs.4600. Those who have been appointed as direct Auditors/Accountants are getting Rs.5400 Grade Pay. Accordingly, i should have been given a grade pay of Rs.4800 instead of Rs.4600. Is it not an anomaly.Hope,the seventh pay commission will look into it and take corrective measures. I hereby seek your expert view on this subject. Let me add that the AAO’s in my office are getting a grade pay of Rs.4800 only whereas Directly recruited Auditors are getting Rs.5400 GP. Please do clarify.Hoping for a reply.



  69. Sir I am working as office supdt. in Railways and my grade pay is 4200 and my basic pay is 17800 as on 01.01.2015. Please show me the calculation of my basic and my gross salary in 7th pay commission.

  70. Sir defense officer should not be permitted to military service pay after the rank of colon/Grp captain becouse they not in field or getting maximum allowance or they are not allow to use of defense vehicle also become misuse hota h unke kute or madam b gadi ko use krte h desh me colon ke bad koi rank nhi hona chahiye desh me jawano ko jayada recuitment hona chahiye officer kya krnta h desh ko loot raha h

  71. Gov ko retirement age65 sailary 60-70% tak karna chahiye gov ko employ ko khush karna chahiye ache dino ki umeed hi employ ko 7 pay me sarkar bhi isse kafi strong ho jayegi employ ko khush kar ache dino ki suruat ho jayegi employ ko bharosha hi bjp gov unhe udas ni karegi gov employ hit me kam jkaregi itni mahgai hi isliye ye hona chahiye

  72. This calculator does not include Grade pay of Rs 6000/- in the pay scale of 15600-39100 which is actually I am drawing as Assistant Professor in a university. Please do include this grade pay.


  73. While going through projected pay scale under 7th pay commission the times of G/pay enhancement seems to be kept least for pay band S-15,where as the rate of enhancement in all other Pay band has been kept more than 3.04 times.This should be at par with other.This is not symmetrical and seem to be injustice in case of pay band S-15.This needs to be rectified.The times of enhancement in G/pay should be same for all Pay band.

  74. as per estimated pay n pay band that is Rs 27530 to 84650 in 7th pay commission , if it is recommended than after one year my basic will be stragnat ed as my basic is 32160. what action will be take in this case in 7th pay commission .

  75. Sir in basic schools essential qualifications from 1 class to 8 class is same but there is very much difference in salary structure how it is possible in teacher where both teacher 1-5 and 6-8 possess same qualifications .it is in the case of teachers bear it in mind plz tell me the details

  76. Sir in u.p, basic teacher who teach from class 1-5 are under 4200 grade pay and who teach form class 6-8 are under 4600 grade pay but the qualifications for both the post are same then why such difference is in salary structure plz give the the. answer in detail

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