7th Pay Commission Pension and Arrears Calculator as per 7th CPC implementation Notification

Dispensing with the requirement of BSR code of Bank from the pension claim forms

7th Pay Commission Pension and Arrears Calculator as per 7th CPC implementation Notification issued by Govt – Pension Fixation as per Option 1 will be accepted subject to feasibility

Fixation of Pension of Pre 2016 Pensioners as per item No.11 of Annexure to Gazette Notification for revision of Pension based on 7th Pay Commission Recommendations

7th Pay Commission Recommendations:

As far as revision of Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners is concerned 7th Pay Commission recommended two Pension fixation methods namely (1) Option 1 and (2) Option 2. The Commission also proposed that Pre-2016 Pensioners can choose any of these two 7th CPC Pension fixation options, which is beneficial to them.

Option 1:

All the Civilian personnel including CAPF who retired prior to 01.01.2016 (expected date of implementation of the Seventh CPC recommendations) shall first be fixed in the Pay Matrix being recommended by this Commission, on the basis of the Pay Band and Grade Pay at which they retired, at the minimum of the corresponding level in the matrix. This amount shall be raised, to arrive at the notional pay of the retiree, by adding the number of increments he /she had earned in that level while in service, at the rate of three percent. Fifty percent of the total amount so arrived at shall be the revised pension.

Option 2:

(ii) The second calculation to be carried out is as follows. The pension, as had been fixed at the time of implementation of the VI CPC recommendations, shall be multiplied by 2.57 to arrive at an alternate value for the revised pension.

Decision of Govt with regard to 7th Pay Commission Pension fixation:

Both the options recommended by the 7th Central Pay Commission as regards pension revision be accepted subject to feasibility of the implementation.

Revision of pension using the second option based on fitment factor of 2.57 be implemented immediately.

The first option may be made applicable if its implementation is found feasible after examination by the Committee comprising Secretary (Pension) as Chairman and Member (Staff). Railway Board, Member (Staff), Department of Posts, Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser, Ministry of Home Affairs and Controller General of Accounts as Members.

Checkout following important decisions made by Govt as far as revision of Pension as per 7th Pay Commission recommendations

    To facilitate Central Government employees to estimate approximate pay arrears we launched 7th Pay Commission Pay and Arrears Calculator recently

    Click here to checkout 7th Pay Commission Pay and Arrears Calculator

    How to use GConnect 7th Pay Commission Pension Calculator with arrears estimation?

    1. Select 6CPC pay Band in which the pensioner retired – In the case of pre-2006 pensioners, find out the 6CPC pay band, equivalent to the pay scale at which the pensioner retired

    Pay scale w.e.f.1.1.1986 Post/ Grade and Pay scale w.e.f. 1.1.1996

    Corresponding 6th CPC Pay Bands and Grade Pay

    750-12-870-14-940 2550-55-2660-60-3200 4440-7440 GP -1300
    775-12-871-12-1025 2610-60-3150-65-3540 4440-7440 GP 1400
    775-12-871-14-955-15-1030-20-1150 2610-60-2910-65-3300-70-4000 4440-7440 GP -1600
    800-15-1010-20-1150 2650-65-3300-70-4000 4440-7440 GP -1650
    825-15-900-20-1200 2750-70-3800-75-4400 5200-20200 GP -1800
    3050-75-3950-80-4590 5200-20200 GP –
    975-25-1150-30-1540975-25-1150-30-1660 3200-85-
    5200-20200 GP –
    5200-20200 GP –
    1350-30-1440-40-1800-50-22001400-40-1800-50-2300 4500-125-7000 5200-20200 GP –
    1400-40-1600-50-2300-60-26001600-50-2300-60-2660 5000-150-8000 9300-34800 GP –
    1640-60-2600-75-2900 5500-175-9000 9300-34800 GP -4200
    2000-60-2120 6500-200-6900 9300-34800 GP -4200
    2000-60-2300-75-32002000-60-2300-75-3200-3500 6500-200-10500 9300-34800 GP –
    7450-225-11500 9300-34800 GP –
    2500-4000 7500-250-12000 9300-34800 GP -4800
    2200-75-2800-100-40002300-100-2800 8000-275-13500 9300-34800 GP -5400
    2200-75-2800-100-4000 8000-275-13500 (Group A Entry) 15600-39100 GP -5400
    2630/- FIXED 9000 15600-39100 GP -5400
    2630-75-2780 9000-275-9550 15600-39100 GP -5400
    3150-100-3350 10325-325-10975 15600-39100 GP -6600
    15600-39100 GP –
    3200-100-3700-125-4700 10650-325-15850 15600-39100 GP -6600
    3700-150-44503700-125-4700-150-5000 12000-375-16500 15600-39100 GP -7600
    3950-125-4700-150-5000 12750-375-16500 15600-39100 GP -7600
    3700-125-4950-150-5700 12000-375-18000 15600-39100 GP -7600
    4100-125-4850-150-53004500-150-5700 14300-400-18300 37400-67000 GP -8700
    4800-150-5700 15100-400-18300 37400-67000 GP -8700
    5100-150-57005100-150-61505100-150-5700-200-6300 16400-450-20000 37400-67000 GP –
    5100-150-6300-200-6700 16400-450-20900 37400-67000 GP -8900
    4500-150-5700-200-7300 14300-450-22400 37400-67000 GP -10000
    5900-200-67005900-200-7300 18400-500-22400 37400-67000 GP -10000
    7300-100-7600 22400-525-24500 67000-79000 GP -NIL
    7300-200-7500-250-8000 22400-600-26000 75500–80000 GP -NIL
    7600/- FIXED7600-100-8000 24050-650-26000 75500–80000 GP -NIL
    8000/- FIXED 26000(FIXED) 80000(FIXED) GP -NIL
    9000/- FIXED 30000(FIXED) 90000(FIXED) GP -NIL

    Revised Concordance Table as per Office Memorandum No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 28.01.2013

    2. Select type of pension (pension / family pension)

    3. Enter the Pension as per bank pass book for the month of May 2016 excluding Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) if any (This is the pension amount with 125% DA minus monthly commutation amount and FMA if any. Do not deduct commutation on your own from this amount as the tool would calculate your basic pension based on commutation amount given by you)

    4. Enter monthly commutation amount if any.

    5. Select the number of increments received in pay scale at which the pensioner retired /deceased.

    6. Select the month up to which the arrears of pension is to be calculated.


    1. Pre-2006 pensioners will have to enter the revised pension as per OM dated 28.01.2013 and OM dated 30.07.2015. Their revised pension can be calculated from the GConnect pre-2006 pensioners revised pension calculator.

    Click here to calculate revised pension for pre-2006 pensioners as per revised concordance table

    2. New DA from July 2016 is estimated to be 2%.  Since this DA will be announced only in Sep / Oct 2016, for the purpose of calculation of arrears this tool takes DA from July 2016 as 0% only.  It is expected that DA arrears for differential DA of 2% will be paid seperately

    Checkout this GConnect Article : 7th Pay Commission DA Calculator as per gazette notification

    Disclaimer: Estimation of pension arrears by this online tool is on the basis of Interpretation of GConnect Team .  Readers are advised to verify the correctness of result  that this tool produces.  GConnect.in is not responsible for any wrong output.