Improved Pension to Ex-Servicemen – Order to be issued Next Month

Improved Pension to Ex-Servicemen – Order to be issued Next Month Describing the twin tasks of improved pension and medical benefits for ex-servicemen as ‘subjects of prime concern’ and ‘as an ongoing process’, the Defence Minister Shri AK Antony today announced that the orders authorizing payment to ex-servicemen and their families accruing from the recent…

Family Pension to Children of an illegally wedded wife

Eligibility of children from a void or voidable marriage for family pension. It has been decided that in supersession of Para 4 of the O.M., ibid, dated 2.12.1996, the share of children from illegally wedded wife in the family pension shall be payable to them in the manner given under sub-rule 7 (c) of Rule 54 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, along with the legally wedded wife.

Modification in FR 56 – Pensioners born on 1.1.1946, 1938 and 1928 suffer

Bharat Pensioners’ Samaj represents before Ministry of PG and Pensions that Pensioners born on 1.1.1946, 1.1.1938 and 1.1.1928 would have retired on 31.12.2005, 31.12.1995, and 31.12.1985 respectively, which are previous days to implementation dates of three pay commissions 6th pay commission, 5th pay commission and 4th pay commission respectively are sufferers since FR 56 was modified to deprive all Pay commission benefits

Revision of PPOs of pre-2006 pensioners – Use of e-scroll

The Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) has suggested that e-scroll data, which is being received in CPAO from most of the banks may be used and the problems indicated above may be solved. The e-scroll contains 13 fields of information such as Name of the pensioner, PPO number (New)/ PPO number (old), name of the Ministry, PAO code, bank name, BSR code, Account number, pension category, basic pension, DR, Additional Pension, Month of Pay

Revision of Pension for Pre-2006 Pensioners of Ministry of External Affairs

All Pensioners/ Family Pensioners of the Ministry of External Affairs.whose pension/family pension has not yet been revised in pursuance of the implementation of the 6th CPC and revised Pension Payment Order (PPO) has not been issued are requested to contact any of the following officers in the Ministry of External Affairs to facilitate the revision of their pension/family pension.