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News and information relating to new pension scheme which is also known as national pension system

NPS for Government employees challenged

The new pension scheme introduced by the Union Government for railway employees has been challenged in the Madras Bench of the Central Administrative Tribunal.

NPS Management Fee to be hiked

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) is likely to increase the management fee payable to pension fund managers (PFMs). This to incentivise them to market the national pension…

Structure of New Pension Scheme

NPS is a well structured Defined Contribution Pension system with well defined system architecture having specified roles of various entities.

How NPS repays?

Two different types of mechanisms have been introduced by PFRDA as far as pay out from New Pension Scheme

SMS and Email Alert facility for NPS

CRA has launched a new service called as SMS and Email Alert facility for the Subscribers under the New Pension System (NPS). As a part of this new facility, the Subscriber will be able to receive SMS…

Need for optional conversion of EPF to NPS

We welcome the introduction of the Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill to give statutory powers to an already well-functioning interim regulator. Three issues deserve the…

Union Cabinet approves NPS regulator

The Union Cabinet on 17th March 2011, gave approval to the long-awaited Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill (PFRDA Bill) that is intended to grant statutory status to PFRDA, the…

How New Pension Scheme funds are invested?

Pension reform in the form of introducing New Pension system is a major initiative undertaken by the Government of India to provide income security after retirement. New Pension System (NPS) has been…

What are I-Pin and T-pin in new pension Scheme?

NSDL, the central record keeping agency appointed by Government to handle all the accounts of New Pension Scheme subsribers is offering I-pin and T-pin to all NPS subscribers who have a valid PRAN…