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News and information relating to new pension scheme which is also known as national pension system

NPS funds fared better than Provident Funds

The three NPS managers handling the pension funds of Central and state government employees have delivered average returns of 9.33% in the past one year, outperforming the state-run government…

New Pension Scheme annuity providers announced

Subscribers to the National Pension System (NPS) will now have a choice of six annuity service providers from whom they can choose their annuity schemes on exit from the NPS on attaining the age of 60

Returns on NPS for the year 2010-11

These are returns for the 2010-11 (ending 31st March 2011) in the investments made by Government Employees and other individuals. The Central Record Keeping Agency (NSDL) has published these figures…

A look at the returns from NPS

The New Pension Scheme for private citizens, who were allowed to join since May 2009, gave better returns than the one for government employees

NPS-Evolution and Area of Concerns

New Pension Scheme for all citizens completed two years on 1 May 2011. It has many reasons to cheer up. Especially, response for NPS Lite scheme, which aims to provide pension to the economically…

Scheme preferences for Government Employees in NPS

As per the present guidelines of Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority(PFRDA), Scheme Preference is the Pension fund schemes option chosen by the subscriber for investing the pension…

All Citizen NPS can be paid through ECS

The NPS provides Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) facility to its subscribers. This will facilitate the subscriber to electronically pay NPS contribution from their respective bank accounts. To avail…