List of Central Government Holiday Homes

This is the list of holiday homes operated by Directorate of Estates, Urban Development Ministry throughout India.

Most of these holiday homes can be booked online. Refer to following GConnect Articles that explains how to book Central Government Holiday home online.

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CG Holiday Home booking-Hands on experience shared

And the following article gives you a fair idea about maintenance these holiday homes. One of the GConnect members has shared his experience of staying in one of such holiday homes

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Holiday Homes under Ministry of Urban Development (Directorate of teEstates and CPWD)

Sl. No. Name of Stations No. of rooms Location Name of the Allotting Authority
1. Agra (U.P.) Only on-line applications   (Taj Mahal remains closed on Fridays) 14 Holiday Home for the Central Government Employees, Sikandra Sector 15, (Near Kar-Kunj Income Tax Colony), Sikandra, Agra (Pl. see location map on website) Asstt. Director(Regions), Directorate of Estates, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-11. Tel: 011-23062231
2. Amarkantak (M.P.)     [for details about Amarkantak, pl. access Photo Gallery Section on the website] 10 Central Govt. Holiday Home, Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh Tele: 07629-269416 Contact Nos.: MP Tourism Tele : (011) 23366528, 32599000, 23341185-87 Fax : (011) 23347264 email: [email protected] website: Manager (Reservations) Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, Room No.12, Hotel Janpath, G. Floor, 82-84, Janpath, Cannought Place, New Delhi. 110001   [Applications for booking to be routed thru AD(Regions), N.Delhi ##]
3. Goa Only on-line applications       (Pl. see location map on website) 13 Central Government Holiday Home, Central Government Residential Complex, Bambolim [Near Nirman Bhawan and Holy Cross Church] [Oppo. Bambolim Cross on Panjim-Madgaon Highway] Goa. Tele : 0832-2458555 [No booking reqsts pl] [10 Km from Panjim, 25 km from Madgaon Rly Station on Panjim-Madgaon Highway, Landmark : Holy Cross Church] Asstt. Director(Regions), New Delhi. ##     [7 units] Estate Manager, Mumbai [*] [2 Units – both Dbl Bed] Estate Manager, Kolkata $ [2 units – both Dbl Bed] AEM, Chennai [2 units – both Dbl Bed] @ Maximum  – 3 nights
4. Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) 22 Holiday Home for Central Government Employees Kovalam Road (near New Light House), Kanyakumari Tele : 04652-246994 [No booking reqsts pl] Executive Engineer, Madurai Central Divn-I, Income Tax Staff Qtrs Campus, Meenambalpuram, CPWD, Madurai-625002 Tel: 0452-2535940, and AEM, [email protected], and (Room Nos.103, 106) Only on-line applications AD(Regions), N.Delhi ## (Room Nos. 201, 206, 208, 209, 213) (w.e.f. 15.3.2010) Only on-line applications AEM, Kolkata $ (Room Nos.104) (4-bed)
5. Mysore (Karnataka) 12 Holiday Home, CPWD Office Campus, T. Narasipur Road, Sidhartha Nagar, Mysore-570011 Executive Engineer, Mysore Central Division, CPWD, Nirman Bhavan, T. Narasipur Road, Sidhartha Nagar, Mysore 570011 Tel: 0821-2473649 Fax : 0821-2473539
6. Mussorrie 05 Southwood Cottage in the ITBP campus (near library Chowk, Mall Road, Next to Dove Cottage), Mussoorie. Tele: 0135-2632271 Asstt. Director (Regions), Directorate of Estates, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-11011 Tel: 011-23062231 #
7. Nainital 13 Central Govt. Employees Holiday Home, Khurpatal (Nainital). Tele : 05942-240330 Asstt. Director(Regions), New Delhi-11. # Tel: 011-23062231
8. Ooty 26 Holiday Home for Central Government Employees, Good Shed Road, Near Railway Station, Udagamandalam, Nilgiris,Tamilnadu @ Asstt. Estate Manager, Dte. of Estates, Shastri Bhavan, 26- Haddows Road, Chennai. Tel: 044-28277759
9. Shimla 109 Grand Hotel, The Mall, Shimla-171001 Tel: 0177-2658121 Asstt. Estate Manager, Grand Hotel, Shimla-171001 Tel: 0177-2658121(Office) 0177-2652587(Reception)


  1. Many thanks to Gconnect for providing Information about”Central Government Holiday Homes”. I would have facilitated/obtained one of them,during my travel to Mysore,Amarkantak.Resorts or Hotels in these places are very cost some. I may share this information to my friends. 

  2. Sir, I am a engineer in central Govt. department (ISRO). How to obtain the DD/Bankers cheques i advance towards the bills. Is it acceptable to accept it in person in cash?
    How about the availability of accommodation? Easily available or requires waiting & advance booking.
    Please inform
    Thank you

  3. The Holiday Home at Chennai is not atall cooperative. Almost 10 to 12 telephone numbers appearing and tried most of them are out of order or not attended hours together. Even when contacted with the correct number they try to mislead not talking in a very rude manner and never bother to guide properly. Further, the booking at Chennai one has to contact Delhi Office, whereas in the site they have given various contact name and address along with phone numbers.  First of all the person sitting at Chennai either CPWD or Directorate of Estate should realize that only Government Servants are approaching and talk in a polite manner and guide them properly because even they cann’t understand simple English how could they manage if other than Tamilnadu Employees of Central Govt. approaches. A professional approach is required and proper training is urgently required so that the image of both CPWD and Directorate of Estate will improve at national level otherwise the very purpose is of no use. 

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    CCIT(CCA) Chennai charge’s response is surprising – No records available.

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    Salient features of Proposal sent to the CBDT for formulating a Transparent Transfer and Posting policy :

    4. Categorization of all the charges under CCIT(CCA)

    1. Sensitive Charges
    a) Investigation Wings, under DIT(Investigation )
    b) Central Circles
    c) Large Tax Payers Unit (LTU)

    2. Non-Sensitive charges
    Category – 1, Assessment Charges
    a) Corporate Assessment charges
    b) Big Business house other than Corporate sector
    c) Film Circle / Doctors Circle /Professional charges etc.
    d) Other Business wards

    2A Non-Sensitive charges
    Category – II ,Non assessment charges
    a) DTRTI(Training ), Salary Wards, TDS, DIT (Exemption) Head Quarters, Judicial, Audit, Administration, Vigilance, Prosecution, CIB, ITAT, CPC (Central Processing Unit ) , TP( Transfer Pricing) , Intl Taxn. ( International Taxation ) . Cental Processing Centre (CPC ) etc.
    3. Tenure :
    a) Generally 2 years in assessment / sensitive charges not exceeding 3 years in any circumstances ( none is indispensable let all Officers gather expertise and experience for their career advancement ) and 2 years in other charges

    b) Stay period in outstation charges within CCIT(CCA) Charges


    a. In order to give varied experience to officers in all areas of work in the Department, the posting of the officer will be rotated to as many work areas as possible subject to administrative convenience.
    b. In general, there should be Compulsory rotation between Sensitive, Non-sensitive, category 1 and category II charges .
    c. The tenure in assessment and non assessment , sensitive , non-sensitive posting shall ordinarily be 3 years and 2 years respectively
    d. In case where the officer is willing to continue in non assessment the same may be considered subject to administrative convenience ,

    6. Criteria
    i) Seniority
    ii) Remarkable / outstanding work done in the past
    iii) Assessment /Non-assessment, Sensitive/Non sensitive posting in previous tenure etc.
    Only senior and experienced officers and others with outstanding track records, should be posted in Corporate charges and Large Tax Payers Units ( LTUs) , Investigation wings, and Central Circle Charges .

    Seniors as per date of promotion shall be posted in category 1 and II posts in seritum

    Please do something ,I have no personal gain out of this exercise but think there should be a transparent Transfer and posting policy for posting with in CCIT(CCA) charges in the Income Tax Department for effective tax administration and revenue collection and high attrition from personnel.
    Sukumar Mondal
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    19 12 2011

  5. i have asked to holiday home reception that what is the room fair for double bed non ac room. i got reply that 300 rs per day. i want to know that whether this fare is real or not.

  6. Sir,
          I am a retired central Excise officer.  Am I eligible for availing the facility of  central holiday homes ?

    PVR Rao, Hyderabad

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