CG holiday home booking-Hands-on experience shared

Shri.K.Namasivayam, Inspector of Customs, Trichy is the author of this article.

Most of you must have seen the GConnect article about Central Government Holiday homes online booking.   As I  have planned to visit Ooty in this vacation, I wanted to check how does it work and how useful it will be.

First I decided to visit Ooty during Mid-May, say 15th  to 17th  May but I could not find any vacancy in the Ooty guest House in those days. Then decided to find on which dates Vacancies were available and then fix may trip.

Here is my hands-on experience on online booking of Central Government Holiday Homes, which I thought of sharing with you, to make your turn very simple

Visit Urban Development Ministry Website

Click Holiday homes link found in the left pane of homepage.

Central Government Holiday Homes, how to apply cg homes online, urban development ministry, central government holiday homes online booking, hands-on experience shared

Now you can find “Holiday Homes information” and “Apply online” links.

Make it a point you read all the information found in the Holiday Homes information.  It is very important as this link   includes — how to book, when to check in and when to check out, the charges, availability of Guest House / Touring Officer accommodation in all parts of the country etc. Most of this information/guidelines, I am sharing in this article itself.

All working and retired Central Government employees and the employees working under the Government of NCT of Delhi are eligible to apply for stay in holiday homes.  You can plan the trip with your family or friends.  Your family members  can also stay holiday homes even if you opt not to go.  Please check the holiday home information for more details.

Initially, I searched for availability, which can be made from book online window.  The details of availability can be seen which show the applications that are already pending.  You can choose any consecutive days, which are shown as vacant, or which are shown as some numbers of rooms already booked, the number which is lesser than the total number of rooms available on the top of the report.  Also do not forget to take into account the number of applications pending which are also shown date wise side by side.  These are rooms booked online but not yet confirmed for want of receipt of room charges in the form of demand draft.  I could not find vacancy in one of the allotting Offices, say, Chennai.  Then I searched in the other allotting offices.  I could find vacancies in Kolkata allotting office, which was booked by me at last.

Central Government Holiday Homes, how to apply cg homes online, urban development ministry, central government holiday homes online booking, hands-on experience shared

Central Government Holiday Homes, how to apply cg homes online, urban development ministry, central government holiday homes online booking, hands-on experience shared

Then comes the booking part.  After finalizing my dates, I selected “Apply for booking option” in the booking window.  After providing the details such as name, department, designation, guest house location, other members details, etc you will be asked to enter the Demand Draft Details for room charges.  This is quite interesting.  I did not possess any DD at that time, and hence, I left the column blank and clicked “Book now” button.  Surprisingly, the system accepted the reservation without the demand draft details (Later I found that in the form (hard copy) which is generated after you finished the reservation for getting your signature and employer’s contains space for providing the demand draft details, which I filled up properly before sending the same to the allotting office)

Central Government Holiday Homes, how to apply cg homes online, urban development ministry, central government holiday homes online booking, hands-on experience shared

You can find the Rent details in the holiday home information.  It differs for each category of visitors say Govt. Servant, Pensioner, MPs  etc. and for each purpose of visit viz. Personal, Official, training, temporary stay because of transfer etc.

For taking DD you have to plan like this: Number of days multiplied by number of you require = total DD Amount.  Take in to account the extra members also, as charges are extra if additional members are to be accommodated in the same room.

After getting the system generated form attested by my Office, I sent the same to the DOE, Kolkata, with the DD and I kept visiting the page “Apply online” and the sub-page “Check status of Booking” and I found it was shown “Pending” for a few days; thereafter one fine day I saw it showed “Allotted” and at this stage you have to click “Print allotment details” button in that page and get it printed.  This printout will show the details of the applicant, his family members, number of days alloted, DD Details, and the order relating allotment on the required dates.  You have to get it attested from your Office and produce the same to the Guest House keeper at the time of checking in.  They may ask you to produce the identity card, which you have to show.

These are certain important aspects which you may wanted to know while seeking allotment in CG holiday homes.

  • Allotment  shall get completed and confirmed only on receipt of the DD for the required amount.  Till such time, your allotment shall be shown as “pending” even if the rooms are vacant.
  • Allotment is confirmed only first come first served basis.
  • You can occupy the room at 11.30 AM on the first day of your allotted days and you have to vacate the place at 09.00 AM on the next day to the date up to which you are allotted.  For example, if you have booked on 14, 15, and 16th of June, you can check in at 11.00 AM on 14th June only.  Likewise you have to vacate on or before 09.00 AM on 17th June, that is the next day of your last date of allotment.
  • Rooms in hill stations do not have AC facility.  Certain rooms at some places have room heaters / water heaters.  Such facilities may be provided to you on payment of some charge, for which you have to pay in cash.
  • Laundry charges are extra, as laid down in the rules of allotment.

Also, note these advantageous aspects of opting for a Central Government Holiday Homes.

  • You get government accommodation in various places, at per-day rates which are lesser than the cost of a single good lunch;  what’s more, these accommodations are available preferentially to Central Government Servants, and hence you may get rooms in places like Ooty, Nainital etc., where every private guest house or hotel will show “No vacancy”.
  • What’s more, you can enjoy your LTC trips with pleasure, because LTC provides you only with reimbursement of transportation expenses.  However, if you choose to stay at hotels, whichever place you visit, you may have to shell out thousands of Rupees for accommodation.   Here this Govt. guest houses come in very handy as a stay at a place like Nainital or Mysore will cost you only Rs. 300 for the entire stay of 3 days for your entire family !
  • What’s more, you can choose from double or triple bedrooms, dormitories of 4, 6 or 8 persons etc. depending upon your requirement.  All these are available at very down to earth rents.
  • Lastly, one thing my friends, I am yet to get a personal feel of the facilities available and the cleanliness, service, etc. of the rooms.  I promise, after I complete my vacation, I shall update with all these information in this very page of gconnect.  Happy gconnecting!

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