7th Pay Commission – Recommendations of 7th CPC on Bunching of Stages in Revised pay Structure

7th Pay Commission – Recommendations of 7th CPC on Bunching of Stages in Revised pay Structure

7th pay commission Recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission with regard to bunching of stages in revised pay structure under the Central Civil Rules 2016 have been made. The recommendations were made by the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure.

V K Singh, Director (IC) made the following recommendations. With reference to the subject mentioned above and in continuation of this Department’s OM of even number dated 07.09.2016, the undersigned is directed to inform that, a large number of references have been received from Ministries/Departments seeking clarifications relating to the application of the benefit on account of bunching of stages while fixing the pay in the revised pay structure.

It has also been brought to the notice of this Department that some offices have extended the benefits on account of bunching based on subjective interpretation of the provisions of OM dated 07.09.2016, which may not be consistent with the principles and philosophy of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations on bunching. Implementation of such pay fixation orders are not in conformity with the pay panel’s principles on bunching and may create further anomalies.

In order to ensure consistency of approach in applying the provisions relating to bunching and to address the queries on various aspects of bunching, it has been decided to issue detailed guidelines on bunching.

All Ministries/Departments are , therefore. advised that the implementation of the provisions on bunching in OM dated 07.09.2016 may be put on hold till the time the detailed instructions in this regard are issued by Department of Expenditure. It is also requested that if orders on account of bunching have already been issued by Ministries/Departments but not implemented, the same may not be given effect to the order said.

Source: Oneindia