7th Pay commission – Allowances Report Submitted – Allowances that may be CUT – A List

7th Pay commission – Allowances Report Submitted – Allowances that may be CUT – A List

7th Pay CommissionThe Ashok Lavasa Committee was constituted in June last year after the government implemented the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.

Now the latest news is, the commission has submitted its recommendations to the finance ministry today.

Further, the group’s final report has also looked towards modifying the existing rates of allowances such as the House Rent allowance and the dearness allowance. According to the propositions, depending on the city of residence, the HRA will be paid at a rate of 24 per cent, 16 per cent and 8 per cent respectively, of the current basic pay.

We never know what the parliament will approve, however, we give a list below what the committee would  have agreed or recommended… (purely from sources)

Complete list of allowances that may get abolished under Lavasa committee’s recommendations:

  1.  Air Despatch Pay
  2. Air Steward Allowance
  3. Assisting Cashier Allowance
  4.  ASV Allowance
  5.  ASV Allowance
  6.  Breakdown Allowance
  7. Cash Handling Allowance
  8.  Coal Pilot Allowance
  9. Command Allowance
  10. Commando Allowance
  11.  Commercial Allowance
  12. Condiment Allowance
  13. Court Allowance
  14.  Cycle Allowance
  15.  Desk Allowance
  16. Diet allowance
  17.  Electricity Allowance
  18. Entertainment Allowance for Cabinet Secretary
  19. Entertainment Allowance in Indian Railways
  20. Family Planning Allowance
  21.  Flying Squad Allowance
  22. Funeral Allowance
  23. Handicapped Allowance
  24.  Headquarters Allowance
  25. Hutting Allowance
  26. Investigation Allowance
  27. Language Reward and Allowance
  28. Launch Campaign Allowance
  29. Messing Allowance  {Retained for “floating staff” under Fishery Survey of India and enhanced by 50%. Abolished for Nursing Staff.}
  30.  Metropolitan Allowance
  31.  Night Patrolling Allowance
  32. Official Hospitality Grant in Defence forces
  33. Operation Theatre Allowance
  34. Organization Special Pay
  35. Out-turn Allowance
  36. Overtime Allowance (OTA)
  37. Rajdhani Allowance
  38.  Rent Free Accommodation
  39. Risk Allowance
  40. Savings Bank Allowance
  41.  Secret Allowance
  42.  Shorthand Allowance
  43.  Space Technology Allowance
  44.  Special DOT Pay
  45.  Special NCRB Pay
  46. Special Scientists’ Pay
  47.  Spectacle Allowance
  48.  Study Allowance
  49.  Sumptuary Allowance in Training Establishments
  50. Sumptuary Allowance to Judicial Officers in Supreme Court Registry
  51.  Training Stipend
  52. Treasury Allowance
  53.  Treasury Allowance
  54. Vigilance Allowance

However, the implementation of the same would also mean that over 47 lakh central government employees and an even larger number of pensioners would have to face the abolition of allowances and subsuming of another 36 into other existing allowance. Currently, there are 196 allowances in all.

source: (collected from around the web)

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