Pay fixation and Arrears Calculator for MACP and Promotion

I am getting MACP this month.  What will be my revised pay?  How much arrears I will get?  These are very frequently asked queries we get from our readers.  Though we try much to answer for these queries, we could not cater to everybody due to volume and insufficient inputs.

“Why can’t we provide a generalized online tool to calculate pay and arrears on MACP?  So that our readers can calculate these figures without much difficulty”.  After much struggle this idea flashed in to our mind and needless to say this is was the starting point.

Now you have this full-fledged Online tool for calculating Arrears and Revised pay on account of MACP or promotion.

How to use this Tool?

Inputs to be provided:

  • Provide Band Pay, grade pay, and TA before and after Promotion/MACP.
  • Select the HRA rate.
  • Select “Yes” if you are receiving Non-Practicing Allowance.
  • Provide Date of Promotion or MACP
  • If you have opted to fix your pay on the date of next increment in July select “Yes”
  • Also provide the month up to which to want to calculate Arrears and revised pay in pay band.

Output you get:

  • Revised Pay in pay band and revised total salary as on the date of Promotion or MACP and on the date of receipt of revised salary.
  • Arrears of pay calculated (from the date of MACP or promotion and) up to the month selected by the user.

This Pay Fixation on MACP and Promotion tool follows the Pay fixation method envisaged in DOPT Office Memorandum No. 1/1/2008/IC dated 13.09.2008

Click here to check the method of Pay Fixation as per DOPT Office Memorandum No. 1/1/2008/IC dated 13.09.2008

Click here for GConnect Calculator for revised pay and arrears on MACP or Promotion

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